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Elijah L. Hill's  Letters, Correspondence, Prophecies, and Interactions with Church of God in Christ Leaders and National Leaders for over 25 Years.

On October 4, 2013, Rev. Elijah L. Hill presented his historical collection to the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center it was named the Mother Lizzie Robinson/Rev. Elijah L. Hill Collection of Pentecostal history.  He also states how his journey began with studying and researching on the history of Mother Lizzie Robinson 25 years ago.

July 3, 1990 Omaha, Nebraska

Letter from Pastor Elijah L. Hill to Bishop Louis Henry Ford the Fourth Chief Apostle of Church of God in Church


Dear Bishop Ford

I most humbly appreciate you having extended an invitation for me to speak at your Ceremonial Presentation of First Jurisdiction Graduates in Chicago, Illinois.  It was a great pleasure seeing your vision of hope and encouragement manifested in the hearts of those young people that night. 

I want to thank you, and as per our conversation at the end of the service, if there is any way to lend my service to the national church I would be honored.

Yours That His Kingdom Will Come

Pastor Elijah L. Hill

L-R, July 1990, Bishop Sanders, the Late Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford, and Pastor Elijah L. Hill in Chicago at the National Black Newspaper Convention.

July 1990, Pastor Elijah L. Hill is pickup with the Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford's limousine to have him speak at Ford's church in Chicago.

July 6, 1990 Omaha, Nebraska News Paper Article the Metro Star Times

Article Title: Gospel Television Growing in Omaha

Picture: Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford and Pastor Elijah L. Hill

Gospel Television Broadcasting, a part of the North Omaha Cable Access Consortium, NOCAC, a North Omaha Community based television network in growing, according to Rev. Elijah Hill.   The Consortium began broadcasting, Channel 6 on Cox Cable.

Hill is pastor of A Way Out of No Way Church of God in Christ and president of Gospel Television Broadcasting, Channel 6 on Cox Cable.  "Our programming has gone from four hours on Sunday to 10 hours of broadcasting," said Hill, "The Gospel Television show includes gospel videos, religious cartoons, talk shows and traditional gospel preaching," he added.


Hill said he shared his vision for reaching the youth of America with Gospel Television with Presiding Bishop Lewis H. Ford, national bishop of the Church of God in Christ, while in Chicago, ILL for an NNPA Convention.   GBT is aired on Sundays from 1-11 p.m.

1988, Omaha, Nebraska Pastor Elijah L. Hill with camera operators in the television studio Hill had one of the longest running television shows on cable access in the Omaha area running from 1983-1995

September 22, 1991 Omaha World Herald Newspaper Press Conference Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford states Omaha is Key to his Churches history because it was home to Lizzie Robinson

September 1991, Omaha, Nebraska press conference, LR, Bishop C.L. Anderson, Bishop P.A. Brooks, Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford, and Mayor P.J. Morgan of Omaha, NE.


In 2007, Rev. Elijah L. Hill produced this video on the earlier legacy of Bishop Louis Henry Ford being a protege of Bishop Charles Harrison Mason was groomed by him as his Public Relations Director to involve the Church of God in Christ with political leaders even before other African American Denomination would because of fear with Jim Crow.

The Late Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford is the first African American Denominational leader to invite a sitting President to Church of God in Christ's Holy Convocation in 1996 in Memphis, TN, he wanted to sit in the seat where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., sat to give his speech to the world, I Have Been To The Mountain Top", the night before he was assassinated at the Loraine Motel in Memphis, TN just three miles from the Historic Mason Temple World Headquarters of the Church of God in Christ.

1994, Holy Convocation the President of the United States Bill Clinton comes to World Headquarters of Mason Temple to honor the history of Bishop Charles Harrison Mason, and to acknowledge the site where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., gave his finally speech to the world, "I Have Been To The Mountain Top", President Clinton made Mason Temple the Church of God in Christ World Headquarters a historic Landmark L-R, Bishop Louis Henry Ford, President Bill Clinton, Bishop Chandler David Owens.

In 1994, the President of the United States of America making his arrival at the Historic Mason Temple World Headquarters of the Church of God in Christ to honor the place founded by Bishop Charles Harrison Mason, and where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., gave his last speech the day before he was assassinated in Memphis, TN.

1993, The White House Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford spent many nights at the White House by invitation of President Bill and Hillary Clinton, he was their spiritual confidante and adviser during the first four years Bill Clinton was President before Presiding Bishop L.H. Ford died, and Presiding Bishop Chandler David Owens became their spiritual confidante.  When Bill Clinton was being Impeached Presiding Bishop Owens spoke before the Congress of the United States on his behalf, and he personally counseled Hillary Clinton during this difficult time advising her to stand by her husband despite this difficult time in their marriage, and Hillary Clinton took Presiding Bishop Chandler David Owens advise.

Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford remodels Mason Temple and other properties in 1994.

1992, Presiding Bishop Louis Henry rebuilds Saints College the educational legacy of the Church of God in Christ.

1992, Rebuilding Lexington, Mississippi Saints Junior College.

December 16, 1991 Letter from State Historian Rev Elijah L Hill to Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford

Dear Honorable Presiding Bishop L.H. Ford

At the desire of our State Bishop and his vision to restore the State of Nebraska to a point whereby the National work can be proud of our historical significance that relates to her glory.

Bishop Vernon Richardson has installed me as the State Historian for COGIC for the State of Nebraska.  We would like to accomplish those things that would enhance the historical knowledge of the people that live here in our State of Nebraska. For we have been greatly encouraged and moved by your desire to see those things of the past restored and honored for they are the foundation upon which our beginnings lie.

When you were here in Omaha at the Press Conference you spoke so profoundly concerning the historical significance of Omaha, Nebraska, in relationship to Mother Lizzie Robinson, who was the first General Mother while the National Church was in her infancy stage. 

The Bishop and I, feel that you have stirred up the gift that is within us to let it be known to the residents of our great city of Omaha, Nebraska, is of historical meaning to the Mother Church in Memphis, Tennessee.

Enclosed, is an example of what I have researched to be true and correct information that could be included in the official document, which we understand that the final acceptance of the wording will rest upon the Presiding Bishop's final approval and wishes. 

Yours That His Kingdom Will Come


Pastor Elijah L. Hill

State Historian for the State of Nebraska

1936, Memphis, TN, L-R, Mother Lizzie Robinson sitting next to Senior Bishop Charles Harrison Mason, Mother Robinson lived in Omaha for 36 years while she ran the Women's Department of the Church of God in Christ.

1945, in Memphis, TN, at the Holy Convocation the last year before Mother Lizzie Robinson died, L-R, Bishop Riley Williams, Bishop O.T. Jones, Sr., Bishop Morton, Bishop Roberts, Mother Lizzie Robinson, Mother Lillian Brooks-Coffey.

On 2007, October Rev. Elijah L. Hill narrates a musical scroll down memory lane naming many women who served in the Church of God in Christ.

1991, Omaha, Nebraska L-R, First photo Bishop P.A. Brooks, Presiding Bishop, Bishop Vernon Richardson, and Bishop C.L. Anderson.  Bottom photo, L-R, Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford and Pastor Elijah L. Hill, Elder Hill presented a large award in the shape of Nebraska to the Presiding Bishop.

Elder Elijah L. Hill holding award given to Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford when he came to Omaha, Nebraska.

Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford looking at his Wall of Remembrance and awards including the award from State Historian Elijah Hill was among his admired awards.

January 14, 1992 Omaha, Nebraska Letter from Lynn Meyer City Landmarks Administrator to Rev Elijah Hill


Dear Pastor Hill

Please find enclosed the information that we discussed by telephone related to your interest in landmark designation for the church building at 2318 Corby Street.  I have included an application for each property.  

I have also enclosed a copy of a National Register bulletin pertaining to the evaluation of properties associated with significant persons, which is applicable in this case.  Information such as this is often utilized by the commission and staff for direction when considering landmark designations. 

I need to have the completed application back to our office by January 27, 1992, in order to meet the advertising deadline for the February 12, 1992 Landmarks commission meeting.   Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 


Lynn Meyer

January 27, 1992 Rev Elijah Hill Submitting of Landmark designation Lizzie Robinson House (Mother Lizzie Robinson's daughters home Mother Ida Baker and Robinson Memorial Church of God in Christ two last properties associated with a national figure in the Church of God in Christ. 

Name of structure House of Ida Baker, Mother Lizzie Robinson's daughter’s home, which was the last remaining properties owned by their family Case File Number HL-92-5, location 2864 Corby St, Omaha, Nebraska, owner at time of application Rev Robert Alexander.  The representative submitting application to City of Omaha Landmarks Heritage Commission is Rev. Elijah L Hill State Historian of the Church of God in Christ in Nebraska. 

Argument of significance written by Rev Elijah L. Hill presented in person at the public hearing at the City of Omaha's Civic Center 11th Floor on City Planning departments Offices.   Significant Proposed that Mother Robinson's Church and Home is significant to the Omaha community.

Lizzie Robinson; b 1860 April 5th, an American Christian pioneer and Omahan, who was the First African American female, who played a significant historical role in the organizing of the Women's Ministry for the CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST the largest African American Pentecostal denomination in the world.  Lizzie Robinson's brilliance as an organizer was foundational in the denomination and set the pace for its organizational growth and development for years to come. 

This video is about Mother Lizzie Robinson's beginnings produced by Rev. Elijah L. Hill in May of 2010 a short piece of her biography.

The fact that Mrs. Robinson's national [sic] has been evaluated in a national context in relation to her denomination's beginnings in reference as, (The Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movement, Burgess, McGee and Alexander, Zondervan Publishing).  Lizzie Robinson unlike other women, who worked within an already existing denominational structure, had founded her denomination's women's ministry. 

The 2864 Corby St; residence and Robinson Memorial Church of God in Christ first church of God in Christ established by Mother Lizzie Robinson and her husband Elder Edward Robinson in 1916 in our city of Omaha, Nebraska.   These residences are significant because of their affiliation with Mother Lizzie Robinson.  It is the first property owned by her daughter, Mrs. Ida Baker, when she came to stay with her daughter back in 1912 in Omaha, Nebraska. 

Elder Edward D. Robinson husband of Mother Lizzie Robinson married Lizzie Woods in Little Rock, Arkansas at the Gum Street Church of God in Christ in 1912, he was the pastor of the first Church of God in Christ church in Nebraska that was founded in 1916.

This is the original structure that was built by Pastor Edward D. Robinson in the 30's in Omaha, Nebraska, this structure was torn down by Bishop B.T. McDaniel who built another white brick in 1955 structure today.

This video is a portion on the biography of Mother Lizzie Robinson produced by Rev. Elijah L. Hill in May of 2010.

While Lizzie Robinson resided here in in Omaha this property served her family and church organization over 67 years.  It was the location where she allowed most of her denomination's earlier pioneers stay while they came to Omaha to visit her, because of her national status as the First General Supervisor of Women's Ministry of the Church of God in Christ appointed by Bishop Charles Harrison Mason in 1911. 

These sites is of historical and cultural significance and is deserving of protection for its historical association and public interest, and preserved for future tourism local as well as international.  With the other residence owned by her relatives demolished already in 1974; 2864 Corby Street, remains as the only historical residence left standing here in the city of Omaha, Nebraska.

January 28, 1992  Omaha, Nebraska Letter from Nebraska State Historian Elijah L Hill to Dr. Mattie McGlothan International Supervisor Churches of God in Christ Worldwide

Dear Dr. McGlothan 

As per our telephone conversation the morning of January 28, 1992 around 9:00am, and I made mention to you about our State Historical Department's desire to have a letter of support from the Women's Convention.  Concerning an application filed with the City of Omaha's Landmark Heritage Preservation Commission.

There will be a public hearing on February 12, 1992 at 1:30pm at the downtown Omaha Civic Center to consider nomination of two properties that are of historical value to Mother Lizzie Robinson, when she was alive.  Enclosed along with this letter is a public notice of the hearing, if you could provide us with a letter of support before the hearing date.   I am sure it will strengthen

Our State Bishop's position at the hearing.  Send your correspondence to myself Pastor Elijah L. Hill, P.O. Box 11550, Omaha, Nebraska, 68111.

Yours that His Kingdom Will Come 

Pastor Elijah L. Hill

State Historian of the Churches

of God in Christ in Nebraska


Cc: Presiding Bishop L.

Bishop Vernon Richardson

February 12, 1992 Omaha, Nebraska Petition Drive Notice Written By Rev. Elijah L. Hill to Support Mother Lizzie Robinson's Street Name Change

Petition Drive For Street Name Change

February 12, 1992, the Omaha Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission determined that Lizzie Robinson was a historically significant African American woman in Omaha and Nationally.  They will formally designate two properties as historical sites that are situated along Erskine Street, we are aware that these two designations are on the behalf of Mother Lizzie Robinson.  The City planning department will support also a name change of Erskine Street the section from 24th Street and 27th Street, the name selected by the city Planning will be "Lizzie Robinson Avenue," of which I am a home/business owner, we support the name change by the Omaha City Planning Department and or the Omaha City Council's resolution. 

Name of Property Owner.                                    Address

Rev Elijah L. Hill

State Historian of Nebraska

Of Church of God in Christ

February 27, 1992 Omaha Nebraska Mayor P.J. Morgan honors Rev. Elijah Hill with a Proclamation for Lizzie Robinson


WHEREAS: Elder Elijah L. Hill state historian and Bishop Vernon Richardson have found through their studies that Mother Lizzie Robinson hailed from the great state of Omaha, Nebraska, until the date she was promoted to glory in December 1945, while attending the National Memphis Convocation; and,

WHEREAS: the Church of God in Christ had its beginnings in Nebraska in about 1913, when Mother Robinson and Elder Edward D. Robinson moved to Omaha, And resided at 2864 Corby Street, not long after they established the first church in Omaha, located at 2318 N. 26th Street; and,

WHEREAS: Mother Robinson's God given skills in organizing, gave great direction and support to the National Women's Work organization and she appointed a host of women who were sent throughout the United States to help the Bishops that were appointed by their Founding Father. 

NOW, THEREFORE, P.J. Morgan, Mayor of Omaha, do hereby proclaim July 8, 1992 as MOTHER ROBINSON MEMORIAL DAY in Omaha and urge all residents to honor the life and work of Lizzie Robinson. 

In witness Whereof, I have set my hand and caused the Official Seal of the City of Omaha to be affixed this 27th day of February, 1992.

Mayor P.J. Morgan City of Omaha, Nebraska

July 1992, in Mayor's Office of Omaha, Nebraska giving the proclamation for Mother Lizzie Robinson L-R, Mayor P.J. Morgan, Pastor Elijah L. Hill, Bishop Vernon Richardson, Omaha Councilman Joe Friend, Missionary Lucas.

March 27, 1992 PROCLAMATION World Headquarters of Church of God in Christ to Pastor Elijah L. Hill from Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford for state and city of Omaha, Nebraska confirming Mother Lizzie Robinson as significant internationally

Proclamation from the office of the Presiding Bishop

WHEREAS: Our Late Founder, Bishop Charles Harrison Mason, envisioned the magnitude of including the women of the CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST, INC., that they were in need of organization and direction while the National Church was in its stage of infancy, and;

WHEREAS: Our Late Mother Lizzie Robinson was appointed as the First General Supervisor of Women of THE CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST by our Founder, Bishop Charles Harrison Mason, in and around 1911, and ;

1916, Photo of Mother Lizzie Robinson and her only biological daughter Ida F. Baker.

In 1926, this was the first official document printed of the Rules of the Women's Work for the Church of God in Christ Nationally printed by Mother Lizzie Robinson as the First General Supervisor of the Church of God in Christ Women's Department.

WHEREAS: Due to the rapid growth of the Church and Mother Robinson's God-given skills in organizing, she gave great direction and support to the National Women's Work, by creating auxiliaries such as the Bible Band, Sewing Circle, Home and Foreign Mission, Sunshine Band, Purity Class, State Mothers Unit and Secretaries Unit.  Also, she prayerfully selected and appointed a host of choice women of whom were sent to different States in the United States to be Helpers to the Overseers (Bishops) that were appointed by our Founding Father, and;

WHEREAS: Mother Robinson hailed from the great City of Omaha, Nebraska, and she resided there until the date she was promoted to glory in the month of December 1945 while attending the national Convocation in Memphis, Tennessee, and;

The grave stone of Mother Lizzie Robinson erected in 1945, Mother Lillian Brooks-Coffey


Bishop Vernon Richardson has appointed a State Historian in the State of Nebraska in order to research and verify that which will enhance the history of the CHURCH OF GOD IN CHURCH in the State of Nebraska under the auspices of Elder Elijah Hill and by the will of the CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST in Omaha, Nebraska. 

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED: That the eight day of July in this year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and ninety-two be a DAY OF MEMORIAL to honor the life and work of Mother Lizzie Robinson, the First National Supervisor who has fallen asleep in Jesus. 

GIVEN UNDER MY HAND and the Seal of the Presiding Bishop at World Headquarters in the City of Memphis, Tennessee, this 27th day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and ninety-two. 


April 2, 1992 Letter to Pastor Elijah L. Hill from Omaha City Planning Department Manager Rod Phipps stating Rev Elijah L. Hill approval of Robinson House and Robinson Memerial Church of God in Christ as Omaha Historic Landmarks


Rev. Elijah Hill

Case #'s H1-92-5 (The Lizzie Robinson House p) and H1-92-4 (Robinson Memorial Church of God in Christ)

The Omaha City Planning Board held a public hearing on Wednesday, April 1, 1992, to consider your request for approval of landmark historic designation at 2864 Corby Street and 2318 N. 26th Street.

Following the public hearing, the Board recommended approval, with the understanding that this designation places specific restrictions on the development of this property. 

This recommendation will be forwarded to the City Council for final approval action.  You will be notified by this office of the date the City Council hearing on this request. 

If you have any questions, please call 402-444-5200 and ask to speak to a planner about the referenced case number.


Rod Phipps

Manager, Current Planning

June 10, 1992 The Whole Truth Newspaper Elder Elijah L Hill Obtain Recognition of Mother Lizzie Robinson From the Secular World

Mayor P.J. Morgan, mayor of Omaha, Nebraska, proclaimed February 27, 1992, "Mother Lizzie Robinson Day.". Elder Elijah Hill served as the driving force to obtain the recognition for one of the pioneers of the Church of God in Christ.  Along with the day, Elder Hill is attempting to get Mother Robinson's home and former church designated as historic landmarks.  In the plan is also a goal to get a portion of Erskine Street renamed Lizzie Robinson Avenue. 

Mother Robinson and her husband, Elder Edward Robinson started the first Church of God in Christ in Nebraska in 1913.  Of course, Mother is renowned as the first National Supervisor of Women in the Church of God in Christ.  She was appointed by Bishop C.H. Mason and was the lay foundation for one of the strongest entities in the entire church. 

We in the Church know what a great saint and devoted laborer for Christ Mother was, and now the secular world is recognizing her for her many accomplishments.  The following is the wording of the official proclamation.

WHEREAS: Elder Elijah L. Hill state historian and Bishop Vernon Richardson have found through their studies that Mother Lizzie Robinson hailed from the great state of Omaha, Nebraska, until the date she was promoted to glory in December 1945, while attending the National Memphis Convocation; and,

WHEREAS: the Church of God in Christ had its beginnings in Nebraska in about 1913, when Mother Robinson and Elder Edward D. Robinson moved to Omaha, And resided at 2864 Corby Street, not long after they established the first church in Omaha, located at 2318 N. 26th Street; and,

WHEREAS: Mother Robinson's God given skills in organizing, gave great direction and support to the National Women's Work organization and she appointed a host of women who were sent throughout the United States to help the Bishops that were appointed by their Founding Father. 

NOW, THEREFORE, P.J. Morgan, Mayor of Omaha, does hereby proclaim July 8, 1992 as MOTHER ROBINSON MEMORIAL DAY in Omaha and urge all residents to honor the life and work of Lizzie Robinson. 

In witness Whereof, I have set my hand and caused the Official Seal of the City of Omaha to be affixed this 27th day of February, 1992.

Mayor P.J. Morgan City of Omaha, Nebraska

July 8, 1992 Rev. Elijah L. Hill host Event in Omaha, Nebraska the First Annual Mother Lizzie Robinson Memorial Celebration Day

The First Annual Mother Lizzie Robinson Memorial Day a service to honor the Life and Work of Lizzie Robinson

Date July 8, 1992, Time: 7:30pm, Location: Robinson Memorial Church of God in Christ, Address: 2318 N. 26th St.

Sponsored by Elder Elijah L. Hill the State of Nebraska's historical Department and the Nebraska Jurisdiction Women's Department

An Official Ceremony to Dedicate This Day as an Annual Memorial Holiday for the Nebraska Jurisdiction Church of God in Christ


Official Events that Night


Master / Mistress of Ceremonies                             Elder John W. Ford -2nd Admin. Assist

                                                                                     Shirley Carter - Distribution. Missionary


Invocation.                                                                   Elder Bobbie Murray

Reading of the Old Testament.                                  Elder Algiers Parker

Reading of the New Testament                                 Missionary Gertude Turner

Misstress of Ceremony                                              Shirley Carter - Distribution. Missionary

Selection.                                                                     Nebraska Jurisdictional State Choir

Statement of Purpose                                                Sister Venessa Smith

Selection.                                                                     State Women's Chorus

Offering.                                                                       Elder Elijah Hill & Elder Patrick Kelly

                                                                                      Missionary Lizzie  Ford & Martha Holmes

Song.                                                                            Missionary Emma Woods

Introduction of Speaker                                             Mother Henner Richardson

Speaker of the Hour.                                                  Mother Louis Secret

Historical Sketch.                                                       Elder Elijah Hill






July 27, 1992 Omaha, Nebraska letter from Omaha City Planning department stating reasons not supporting  Rev. Elijah L. Hill's request for Lizzie Robinson's Street name change request

City of Omaha City Planning Department

Dear Reverend Hill

This is in response to your letter of July 17, 1992, requesting clarification of street naming procedures.  Attached is a calendar of events documenting the dates that specific actions were taken in processing the request for landmark designation on 2318 N. 26 Street and 2864 Corby Street and the street name change on Erskine Street. 

You have asked why you were not notified of the City Council hearing on the landmark's designation.  The schedule for processing the request to the City Council was discussed with you by both Lynn Myers and Sheri Rockwell is a member of my staff and she advised you of the date that the resolution would be sent to the City Council, when the first reading would be held and the specific date for the public hearing. 

In the letter of February 24, 1992, we requested that you submit a petition with signatures of 100% of the home and business owners with addresses on Erskine Street between 24th and 27th Streets.  This is not a regulatory requirement.  Because you were asking for a name change which would have a significant effect property owner along this street, we administratively requested the petition to assure that these affected property owners were notified and advised of the request for change. 

As originally discussed with you, we propose to transmit both the request for the historical designation and the street name change concurrently to the City Council.  This was intended to meet your schedule to support a proposal to bring a large religious convention to the City of Omaha.  During the course of our processing you indicated that the schedule had changed, and finally, that the convention would not be brought to Omaha during 1992. 

Both the landmark's designation and the street name request began processing at the same time.  The petition for the street name change was received May 7, 1992.  Because of this delay, the landmark's designation was sent forward to the City Council separately.  This seemed to be consistent both with our processing schedule and with your schedule at the time. 

Early in this process we provided you with a list of all property owners on Erskine Street between 24th and 27th street.  We would support a name change if you provided us with a petition with signatures of 100% of the home and business owners.  Our review indicates that it does not include 100% of signatures as required. 

The Department will not submit a formal recommendation to the City Council to either approve or deny the proposed name change.  However, we will advise the City Council of the cost of such a change and the effect on persons living or having a business on that Street.  As you are aware, Public Works Department has recommended against the name change.  In their response to our request for comments, they did not list their reasons for that change.  Many of the difficulties in changing street names were discussed with you in detail during the course of our review of your petition.  I have contacted Public Works Department and they are preparing a list of reasons why they do not support the street name change.  I have enclosed copies of our correspondence between this Department, Public Works, and Public Safety.

If you have any further questions in this matter, please contact me at 444-5166.


Planning Department

Rod Phipps

Manager, Current Planning

August 5, 1992 Omaha World Herald Article Rev Elijah L. Hill obtains Street Name Change for Mother Lizzie Robinson 

Article Title: Council Says: Here's to You Mrs. Robinson

Omaha's newest street name is Lizzie Robinson Avenue.  The City Council voted Tuesday to rename a three-block stretch of Erskine Street for the woman who helped organize the Church of God in Christ in Nebraska.  The council approved the ordinance unanimously.  "Lizzie Robinson is significance historically for her role as organizer of the women's ministry for the church." said City Planning Director Gary Pryor. 

Mrs. Robinson and her husband, Edward, started the first Nebraska congregation in Omaha in 1916.  Both are deceased.  That was 10 years after she helped Bishop Charles Harrison Mason found the church in Lexington, Mississippi.  Erskine Street from 24th to 27th Street will be renamed in honor of Mrs Robinson.  Among the supporters of the change were Pastor Elijah L. Hill, state historian for the church. 

The predominately black Church of God in Christ has 3.7 million members worldwide and is the second largest black church in the United States.  The church has 16 congregations in Nebraska, including 13 in Omaha.  Robinson Memorial Church, 2318 N. 26th Street, is named after the Robinson's.  In June, the named after the Robinson's.  In June, the council designated the church and the former Robinson residence at 2864 Corby St. as historic landmarks.  The designations were approved in February by the Landmarks Heritage Preservation commission. 

August 1992 Rev. Elijah L. Hill Prepares and Submits Argument to the National Register of Historic Places on Lizzie Robinson House in Omaha, Nebraska, Douglas County to the United States Department of Interior

His argument of statement of her Significance reads as thus:

The residence at 2864 Corby Street is significant under National Register Criterion B, associated with the lives of persons significant in our past, because it is the only extant building in Omaha associated with Mrs. Lizzie Robinson.  Lizzie Robinson and her husband Reverend Edward D. Robinson resided at 2864 Corby Street with their daughter from 1916 to 1924.  In 1916, Edward and Lizzie Robinson founded the Church of God in Christ in Omaha, the first church of that denomination in the state of Nebraska.  Mrs. Lizzie Robinson is significant historically for her role as national organizer of the women's ministry for the Church of God in Christ, the largest African American Pentecostal denomination in the world.  Many of the denomination's early pioneers stayed at the Corby Street when they visited Omaha.  Criterion Consideration "A" is applicable and is met through the property deriving significance for its association with a person important in religious history. 

The Pentecostal movement's roots track back to the economic, social, and cultural crises of the late nineteenth century, when events such as industrialization, rapid urban growth, and changes in Protestant denominations caused major changes in people's lives.  The Wesleyan movement contributed the concept of sanctification and --crucial to the formation of Pentecostalism-- the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire.  The latter concept is attributed to a lay Baptist preacher in Nebraska named Benjamin Hardin Irwin.  The second influence was the Reformed emphasis upon power for service, an endowment of power that enabled a Christian to witness, sacrifice, and serve.  The third concept was the Plymouth Brethren's belief in dispensational premillennialism--the idea of an imminent secret rapture of the saints, immediately followed by seven years of Great Tribulation, the Second Coming of the Lord, and the Millennium.  The final contributor was a new theology of faith healing.  The Pentecostals adamancy on speaking in tongues as a sign of the baptism finally separated Pentecostals from the main body of the holiness movement. 

In 1905, William J. Seymour, the most enigmatic major figure in the early history of Pentecostalism, attended a Bible school in Houston and, in 1906, brought those teachings to a black holiness group that (short while later) met in abandoned warehouse on Azusa Street in Los Angeles.  At first, the Azusa revivals were interracial:  eventually they were exclusively black.  The Azusa Street revival influenced their participates, an influence instrumental in the formation of the Pentecostal churches.  In the United States there are more than three hundred Pentecostal denominations.  Two of the largest denominations are Assemblies of God and the Church of God in Christ. 

The Church of God in Christ is the largest African American Pentecostal body in North America, headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee.  The church was founded in 1907 by Charles H. Mason, one of the most significant figures in the rise and spread of the modern Pentecostal Movement.   Mason was a Missionary Baptist minister who, in 1895, organized an independent congregation in a cotton gin shed in Lexington, Mississippi.  Two years later, in Jackson, Mississippi, C.P. Jones instituted a series of annual Holiness convocations that Mason, J.A. Meter, and other former Missionary Baptist attended.  Jones, Mason and Jeter then preached together for several years, eventually establishing a congregation In Memphis.

In 1907, Mason attended the revival meeting at Azusa Street and accepted those beliefs.  Mason returned from Los Angeles to find that a Pentecostal revival had already begun in Memphis; however, Jones and Jeter's group reorganized, taking the name the Church of God Holiness USA.  The congregations that supported Mason reorganized in the fall of 1907 as the Church of God in Christ, with Mason as general overseer and chief apostle (bishop).  Until 1914, the Church of God in Christ was interracial.  By ordaining ministers of all races, Mason performed an unusually important service to the early twentieth-century Pentecostal movement.   He appears to have been the only early convert who came from a legally incorporated church body and who could thus ordain persons whose status as clergymen was recognized by civil authorities.  As a result, scores of white ministers sought ordination at the hand of Mason.  Large numbers obtained credentials carrying the name COGIC.     In the years 1909-14, there were as many white Churches of God in Christ as there were black, all carrying Mason’s credentials and incorporation.  On December 20, 1913,  Elder E.N. Bell and H.A. Gross issued a call to convene a general council of all Pentecostals saints and Churches of God in Christ," to meet the following April at Hot Springs.  This invitation went only to the white saints.  E.N. Bell's periodical, Word and Wittiness, was not distributed in the black religious community, on the newly formed General Council of the Assemblies of God. 

By 1934 the Church of God in Christ consisted of 345 churches in twenty-one states and the District of Columbia, with more than 25,000 members.  Rapid growth continued, with membership increasing to 382,679 in 1962.  The church reportedly had 3,709,661 members in 52 countries by 1982. 

The Church further developed when Mason organized the Women's Department, the Sunday school and the Young Peoples Willing Workers (YPWW) between 1910 and 1916.   These departments needed people to run them, and Lizzie Robinson was recommended to Charles Mason as qualified to supervise the Women's Department. 

Lizzie Robinson was the first National Supervisor of Women's Departments of the Church of God in Christ, serving from 1911 through 1945.  She was born a slave on April 5, 1860, in Phillips County, Arkansas.  Her mother, a widow with five children, could not read but did send her children to school.  Lizzie Robinson read the Bible to her mother's friends from the ages of eight to fifteen years, when her mother died. In 1881 she married Mr. Wood.  In 1892 she joined the Baptist church at Pine Bluff, Arkansas.  In 1901, at age of 41, Lizzie Wood attended the Baptist Academy in Demott, Arkansas to finish her education and remained there as matron of the school. 

There she became acquainted with the Church of God in Christ and with Charles Mason.  Lizzie Wood then left the Baptist church and worked for the Church of God in Christ in Trenton and Jackson, Tennessee in 1911.    Charles Mason appointed Lizzie Wood Supervisor of the Women's Department in Memphis, Tennessee in 1911.  She formed the Prayer and Bible Band, the Sewing Circle, and the Home and Foreign Mission Board. 

During this time she met, and later married, Edward Robinson, a minister.  Edward and Lizzie Robinson were evangelists in western United States until they settled in Omaha and founded a church there in 1916.   They lived with her daughter, Ida Baker, and her husband Archie at 2864 Corby Street from 1916 until 1924, when the Robinson's purchased a house at 2723 North 28th Avenue.  Ida and Archie moved to Omaha in 1912. 

The Robinson's church was the first Church of God in Christ in the state of Nebraska.  Shortly after their arrival in Omaha, Mr. and Mrs. Robinson began holding afternoon and night services near 27th and Lake Streets.  These services attracted many people, and the Robinson's soon organized a church.  The church was approved by the Bishop the following year.   The congregation continued to grow, requiring the purchase of a new church site to provide more space.  In 1920, the church purchased the property at 2318 N. 26th Street and remodeled the building on that site for use as a church.  The Church of God in Christ was officially incorporated in 1925, with Edward Robinson as pastor.  The Robinson's son-in-law, Archie Baker, was one of the first members of the Board of Trustees.

Lizzie Robinson chose women to accompany her on her evangelical trips after her husband stopped traveling because of his duties with the church.  The women's work grew so rapidly that Lizzie Robinson began state organizations, and the women who had accompanied her became the first State Mothers.  Her daughter Ida then became her traveling companion and assistant, eventually becoming the Secretary-Treasurer of the Home and Foreign Mission Department.  Her husband Edward D. Robinson died in 1937 at the age of 77.  From 1940 through 1945, Lizzie Robinson ran the program through the State Mothers.  She took a great interest in the building of the National Headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee and organized National Drives to raise funds.  The assembly hall in the new building was named after her.   During her years of service, Lizzie Robinson established an auxiliary program through the local churches and had begun to build the State and National program.  She died December 12, 1945 at convocation in Memphis, Tennessee. 

Lizzie Robinson is referred to with esteem and praise in several texts.  Some of that commentary follows.  "[O]ne of the church's pioneering ladies' and structure the church.  "[She laid] the foundation for the church's women's department...She was distinguished by her gifted teaching ministry...Lizzie Robinson's brilliance as an organizer was foundational to the work of women in the denomination and set the pace for years to come." "No writer could do justice to her life work of this illustrious woman of God, nor of the numerous deeds of kindness done by her, nor the height of esteem in which she was held by thousands of followers.....a woman of very high outstanding record in public organizer, able to inspire and of the greatest organizers among Christian women."

Lizzie Robinson played an important role in early days of the Church of God in Christ at the national as well as local level.  The house at 2864 Corby Street is the only extant building remaining from her period of activity in the Church of God in Christ.  The house she and her husband purchased in 1924 at 2723 North 28th Avenue no longer stands, and the frame church at 2318 North 26th Street was replaced by a concrete block church (on that site) in 1949.  According to building permit records, the house at Corby Street was built in 1910.  The register of deeds shows that the Bakers purchased the house in 1924, but city directories indicate that they lived in the house before the purchase and that Lizzie Robinson and Edward Robinson lived with them until. 1924.  The Bakers remained in that house until the 1960s.

In 1993, Rev. Elijah L. Hill makes argument before the State of Nebraska Historic Society's Board to consider approval of Mother Lizzie Robinson's significance of an African American Female as a worldwide Humanitarian to the significance of Father's Flanagan's Legacy for boys in the State of Nebraska.

October 1992, The Whole Truth Newspaper Elder Elijah Hill convinces Omaha City Council to Name a Street after Mother Lizzie Robinson

Omaha's newest street name is Lizzie Robinson Avenue.  The City Council voted Tuesday to rename a three-block stretch of Erskine Street for the woman who helped organize the Church of God in Christ in Nebraska.  The council approved the ordinance unanimously.  "Lizzie Robinson is significance historically for her role as organizer of the women's ministry for the church." said City Planning Director Gary Pryor. 

Mrs. Robinson and her husband, Edward, started the first Nebraska congregation in Omaha in 1916.  Both are deceased.  That was 10 years after she helped Bishop Charles Harrison Mason found the church in Lexington, Mississippi.  Erskine Street from 24th to 27th Street will be renamed in honor of Mrs. Robinson.  Among the supporters of the change was Pastor Elijah L. Hill, state historian for the church. 

The predominately black Church of God in Christ has 3.7 million members worldwide and is the second largest black church in the United States.  The church has 16 congregations in Nebraska, including 13 in Omaha.  Robinson Memorial Church, 2318 N. 26th Street, is named after the Robinson's.  In June, the named after the Robinson’s the council designated the church and the former Robinson residence at 2864 Corby St. as historic landmarks.  The designations were approved in February by the Landmarks Heritage Preservation commission. 

November 1992 at Holy Convocation Elder Elijah L Hill sponsors a resolution to Memphis Resolution Committee Bishop Ford Remove’s resolutions wants to issue it by Executive order



WHEREAS, Our Late Mother Lizzie Robinson was appointed, as the First General Supervisor of Women of the Church of God in Christ by our late Founder Bishop Charles Harrison Mason, in and around 1911,

WHEREAS, Mother Lizzie Robinson was born in the State of Arkansas, during the majority of her tenure in office as First General Mother she resided and hailed from the Great City of Omaha, Nebraska. 

WHEREAS, Presiding Bishop L.H. Ford and the Mayor of the City of Omaha, Nebraska have proclaimed July 8, of this year as Mother Robinson Memorial Day.

WHEREAS, The City Council of the city of Omaha has passed two ordinances to landmark the church founded by the late Mr. Edward and Mrs. Lizzie Robinson, in Omaha in 1916, and the home of her late daughter Mrs. Ida Baker; who assisted her mother in her work, and was one of the treasures of the International Home and Foreign Mission Department."

WHEREAS, The City of Omaha's Planning Department has introduced an ordinance tonnage a street in memory of Mother Robinson called "Lizzie Robinson Avenue."

WHEREAS, The Nebraska Jurisdiction's Historical and Women's Departments, and by the will of our Bishop, desire to perpetuate the Loving memory of the First General Mother of our late Founding Father's National work. 

RESOLVED: That in honor and recognition of Mother Lizzie Robinson, and the above mentioned in her family that assisted her work, that July 8, will be and is hereby declared a holiday for all members of the Church of God in Christ throughout the world, that it be hosted in the city of Omaha, Nebraska annually, the place of her burial and where she resided while giving her labor of love to the National Church. 


January 11, 1993 Letter from Historian Elijah L. Hill to presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford


Dear Bishop Ford

I humbly appreciate your wise counsel in regards to the resolution from Nebraska, concerning Mother Lizzie Robinson.  I will be mailing a copy of the resolution to your office in Memphis, as you encouraged me that some things can be bet accomplished through executive order. 

We also talked in regards to the Mother Lizzie Robinson street name dedication.  You told me that since Mother Robinson was an International that, the International Church would discuss and plan the dedication sometime after the April meeting.  I concurred with this decision that I would place it in your hands, and you let Nebraska know what would be the best timing for this year. 

I wanted to also inform you ahead of time that I have been negotiating with the city of Omaha, in order to purchase back the lot that Mother Robinson's former home use to sit on.  There is also an adjacent lot that Ida Baker owned. In order to buy back these properties, I had to show that we would redevelop and landscape these two lots. 

In my proposal I also told them of constructing a Museum and Library, which would be named in honor of Mother Robinson.  Since the City of Omaha purchased this specific lot, in order to place a sewer line twenty feet underground.   The Cities of Omaha's property control manager felt that would be showing the historic significance of the land, with plans in mind to redevelop. 

This would give the City Council a good reason to vote in favor of the purchase.  Since an easement would be attached on because of the pipe running under it.  I told the City officials that I would place an offer to purchase the adjacent lot for construction purposes, then use the next lot for additional landscaping purpose. 

February 20, 1993 letter from the Governor of State of Nebraska Congratulating Rev. Elijah L. Hill on receiving the Governor’s Award

Dear Pastor Elijah L. Hill

Congratulations on the outstanding work you have done to earn the Governor's Recognition Award.  I wish I could be with you in person tonight to present the award, but a previous commitment made that impossible. 

However, I do want you to know that your efforts to establish the rich Nebraska history of the Church of God in Christ is most appreciated.  This effort speaks well of your dedication to both the state and the church and you are more than deserving of this award. 

Again, congratulations and please accept my apology for being unable to attend this evening.  I wish you all the best in your efforts and my thoughts are with you. 



E. Benjamin Nelson


In 1992, at State Capitol of Nebraska Rev. Elijah L. Hill is presented Governor of Nebraska's Recognition Award for uncovering the history of Mother Lizzie Robinson.

April/May 1993 The Whole Truth News Paper International paper Memphis, TN, article on Rev. Elijah Hill presented Replica of Lizzie Robinson Street Sign during Women Day during the 85th Holy Convocation, mention of Governors Award for Rev Hill

Title of Article: State of Nebraska's Governors recognition Award

On February 27, 1993, Bishop Vernon Richardson prelate of Nebraska and Elder Elijah Hill received the Governor's Recognition award from Governor E. Benjamin Nelson.  The award was presented to Bishop Vernon Richardson for his willingness and insight to appoint a historian to establish the rich Nebraskan history of the Church of God in Christ.  Elder Elijah L. Hill was sighted for his civic achievement towards the renaissance and preservation of Mother Lizzie Robinson's history in the state of Nebraska.  The night of the occasion Governor E. Benjamin Nelson had someone to read a personalized letter to Elder Elijah L. Hill, it stated, "This effort speaks well of your Dedication to both the State and the Church and you are most deserving of this award.". The International Chairman of the General Assembly, Dr. Frank Ellis, was present at the Red Lion Hotel, Ball Room, in Omaha, Nebraska.

Elder Elijah L. Hill has also appeared before the State of Nebraska's Historical Society, on January 8, 1993, in Lincoln, NE, accompanied by Lynn Myer of the City of Omaha's City planning department.  Lynn Myer is the city of Omaha's Historic Preservation Administrator, who supported Elder Hill's nomination of Ida Baker's former home that is seventy nine years old.  Elder Hill made a fifteen minute slide presentation to the Historical Society's Board, and then they voted unanimously to nominate the last home that was significant in association with the First General Mother Lizzie Robinson, a historic site. 

Mother Robinson's former resident was condemned in 1975.  Elder Robert Alexander presently lives in Ida Baker's house, who is her foster son.  He states that many of the old pioneers would come through, and visit during the time that Mother Lizzie Robinson was alive because of her national position as general mother.  During Bishop C.H. Mason's travels through other states in the Midwest, he stopped through to personally talk with Mother Lizzie Robinson.  Mother Robinson's actual home was smaller than Ida's home, commonly referred to as the "big house." Bishop C.H. mason would stay at Ida Baker's home and many other of the old pioneers like Mother Lillian Brooks-Coffey.

Bishop Mason preached the funeral of Mother Lizzie Robinson, since she died while at the Memphis Convocation.  Mother Dollie M. Matthews, the third state mother of Connecticut presented the last gift from the national women's department.  She presented to Mother Robinson a beautiful white satin, princess style dress with pretty pearl buttons down the front.  At Mother Robinson's last annual national women's day in Memphis, TN., Mother wore her dress.  Her daughter, Ida Baker, "Big Sister" she was called, laid her to rest in it.  Mother Lillian Brooks-Coffey made sure that everything was in order in finalizing her burial in Omaha, she purchased a beautiful head stone that reads "Mother Lizzie Robinson the First General Supervisor of the Women's Department of the Church of God in Christ, at Mt. Hope Cemetery in Omaha, Nebraska.

"The Lifted Banner," a magazine established in 1944 by the National Women's Department, was printed and circulated out of Mother Robinson's former home.  The magazine continued for over thirty or more years before it went out of print.  We thank Mother Lizzie Robinson for her untiring love for the growth of the international Organization.  Before Mother Robinson died, she had the neon sign at international Headquarters installed in 1945.  Mother Mattie McGlothen had the replica of the Omaha street sign, named after Mother Lizzie Robinson, presented during Women's Day in the 85 th Holy Convocation. Mother Mattie McGlothen is one of the last original state mothers who were appointed by the Late First General Supervisor Mother Lizzie Robinson. 

July 14, 1993 Mayoral Appointment of Rev. Elijah L. Hill to the City of Omaha's Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission

City of Omaha certificate of Appointment, I P.J. Morgan, Mayor of the city of Omaha, do hereby appoint Elijah Hill to the Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission.

This appointment has been made on behalf of and in the name of the City of Omaha.  This authorizes you to discharge the duties of said office according to law, to continue for such time as you faithfully perform the duties of this office.  In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the official Seal of the City of Omaha to be affixed. 

Mayor  P. J. Morgan

July 14, 1993

August 10, 1993 Omaha Star Newspaper Rev Hill receives Governor's Award and appoint by Mayor P.J. Morgan to Omaha 's Landmarks Heritage Commission youngest African American to be appointed to this civic seat. 

On November 10, 1992, Mayor P.J. Morgan appointed Rev. Elijah L. Hill to the Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission for a three-year term.  The Mayor officially conducted a swearing-in ceremony for Rev. Hill on July 14, 1993, in the legislative Chambers of the Omaha/Douglas Civic Center.  The Mayor invited Rev.  Hill's family to be in attendance.

Rev. Hill had this year been cited with an award from Governor E. Benjamin Nelson for his civic achievement towards the renaissance and preservation of Mother Lizzie Robinson's history.  As a result of his local preservation efforts, Erskine Street from 24th to 28th Street was changed to Lizzie Robinson Avenue; two local properties were designated as historical landmarks; and the house associated with Lizzie Robinson was placed on the Federal Registry of Historic Places in April 1993.  

The National Trust of Historic Preservation, chartered by Congress in 1949 and a non-profit organization with over 250,000 members, has recently elected Rev. Hill to attend their 47th national convention in St Louis, MO., September 29-October  3, 1993, with all-expense paid for by the national Trust. 

The National Trust had been organizing a way to incorporate cultural diversity into their national preservation programs.  Two years ago they raised funds to bring grassroots minority leaders into a dialogue with hundreds of preservationist from across the United States.  Their objective is to offer those from various cultural backgrounds the opportunity to participate and take back new skills and understanding to community efforts.  

Since Rev. Hill has been a commissioner on the Omaha City Commission, he has been made chairman for the subcommittee on cultural diversity, and is presently chairman for the Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission for the city.

1993 September State of Nebraska's Humanities Council accepts Rev. Elijah L. Hill to three year term to their Speakers Bureau to teach Lizzie Robinson's humanitarian history in schools in Nebraska.

Rev. Elijah Hill's proposal of a new topic for the State of Nebraska's Speakers Bureau


The African American resident of Nebraska, Mother Lizzie Robinson, and her worldwide Humanitarian works. 

THE PERSON: Lizzie (Woods) Robinson was born a slave on April 5, 1860, in Phillips County Arkansas.  For over thirty one years she resided in Omaha, Nebraska, where she headquartered her International organization, for the betterment of humanity abroad.  She continued I. This lifelong work until the day of her death, on December of 1945, where she is presently irked in Omaha.

HER WORK: Around the time of the Great Depression, when our nation struggled within its own economy to remain stable. This woman born in slavery having overcame great disadvantages, as a woman, a African American, from a social-economic stand point.  In 1911, she started out developing and organizing throughout the United States and overseas, several social economic programs whereby, the traditionally dose crankset grass-roots people could support themselves economically.  There were three main programs that she organized, and then trained hundreds of women through the United States to be satellites of her programs. The three programs created were called, Sewing Circle, Sunshine Band, and Home and Foreign Mission. 

A case in point of one of these programs, the sewing circle included things like:  encouraging the art of needle work, which created a means to make clothing for children, and also to convert it into an in-home business to support families.  The Sunshine Band was centered on increasing child development skills in women.  She taught them on subjects like, home economics, health care, personal management, parenting skills, and family relationships.  These are only a small portion of her work as being a national and International helper of humanity. 

HER REPRESENTATION: Mother Lizzie Robinson represents several cultural historic themes centered with confines of her life story.  She represents the early socio-economic struggles of women, minorities, and religion.  Her life is one of the great examples of being disadvantaged, and dedicating most of your life, to the promoting of the human welfare of others. 


Elder Elijah Hill's Historic Chronological contributions to the COGIC

1982 Traveling Evangelist in Church of God in Christ met different important personalities in the church.



February 1990 is the start of the five Golden Years of Renaissance of the Church of God in Christ where the children of Bishop C.H. Mason rediscovered their heritage and road map was pointed toward their spiritual roots creating a revival of COGIC architectures, an awakening of historical COGIC literature and learning of COGIC original heritage.   As if an Alex Haley rediscovered the roots of his ancestor in African Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford took the church though five years of his last years reminding us of whom we are as an organization.  He essentially retraced the footsteps of our founder Bishop Charles Harrison Mason he felt so deeply that if we did not know where we came from we would not know where we are going as an organization.  Presiding Bishop Ford told personally several months before he died, “Son I know the Lord is going to take me soon, but one thing about it he is going to have to catch me because I will be running.”  Bishop Louis Henry Ford knew that his life would be short but in the span of five years the shortest reigning Presiding Bishop he would do more constructions and upgrades and rediscover the heritage memory within the national church then any Presiding Bishop other than the founder Bishop Charles Harrison Mason. It started  Presiding Bishop.


February 1990 the Presiding Bishop host in Birmingham, Alabama the Holy Ghost Conference titled, "The Spiritual Fervor of the Azusa Street Revival."

April 1990 Whole Truth Article, Bishop Ford Wins by landslide! To become the next presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ.

May 1990 Presiding Bishop L.H. Ford announced in the Whole Truth that he would reopen the Lexington property Saints Academy, and rebuild a multipurpose center there. The Whole Truth stated, the proposed reopening is part and parcel of the Bishop's roots oriented program.

In June 1990, Pastor Elijah Hill attended the Black Newspaper’s Publisher convention in Chicago, Illinois along with the Owner and Editor Rudy Smith of the Omaha Metro Star Times.  During the conference, the newly installed after the death of J.O. Patterson who had a twenty-one year reign, and Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford was at the banquet and was the clergy to give the invocation.  During the discussion, Elder Hill had answered several questions before national African American personalities.  The owner of the Black newspaper told me lets go up and me the presiding bishop of the Church of God in Christ, so I can take a picture with you and him.  I was kind of reluctant by Mr. Ruby Smith encouraged me that you should it is the highest leader in your organization, and you should get make yourself know to him in this intimate setting.  We walked up to Presiding Bishop L.H. Ford I introduced myself telling him that I was a producer of religious television programs in Omaha, Nebraska, and that I was a pastor. Presiding Bishop Ford stated, “I admire young, smart and intelligent black men like yourself that are very progressive. I told him I was pastoring a church of God in Christ church in Omaha, Nebraska, his eyes got excited well son I didn’t know you were one of ours.  I am having a celebration of those that are graduating to college I would love to have you come speak before my graduates because I want them to see black intelligent men as yourself that are very progressive. Pastor Sanders was his limousine chaffer and Presiding Bishop Ford told him while we stood there, “Sanders on Sunday pickup Hill in my limousine as my guest and bring him over to my church.”

On July 3, 1990 wrote letter to Presiding Bishop Ford thanking him for letting me speak at his church when we first met at Black Newspaper Convention in Chicago. 

July 6,1990 Black local Newspaper called Metro Times publishes articles on Gospel Television growing in Omaha with picture of Rev. Elijah Hill and Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford standing together speaking about Rev. Hill’s gospel television program for the Omaha religious community.

November 1990 The First convocation with by Presiding Bishop L. H. Ford was called, "Rediscovering Our Church of God in Christ Heritage, " theme of the 83rd International Holy Convocation.  The Whole Truth quotes Ford saying, "Our children must know from where we have come if they are to know in which direction they must go.  Ford also stated to the Whole Truth that, "People have it in their minds that I am carrying you back.  But any Church that cannot remember its foundation and its roots, is not worthy."

November 1990 at the 83rd Holy Convocation opening day Presiding Bishop Ford and his steering committee had totally revitalized Mason Temple in Memphis TN, where it had new restrooms and a new entombment for Bishop C.H. Mason.  Presiding Bishop Ford announced a memorial to the Pioneers.  The Whole Truth stated, "The entire renovation effort is centered around preserving the memory of the fore parents of this organization.

December 1990 Bishop Ford came to Omaha and appointed Bishop P.A. Brooks of Detroit, MI, as interim Bishop of Omaha, Nebraska until a local Bishop was appointed for the state. 


January 1991 at the Holy Ghost Conference hosted in Little Rock, Arkansas is when Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford, dedicated the northeast corner of 8th Street and S. Gaines where Bishop CH Mason received the revelation of the name of our current organization Church of God in Christ.

On March of 1991, I had started researching of the pioneers of Azusa I was looking to do a bible study at my church on the Azusa Street Revival.  I started on a 3 day fast around March of 1991. I saw a vision during my fast of Bishop C.H. Mason and Mother Lizzie Robinson instructing me to research and preserve the history of the Older Pioneers of their movement. The Lord spoke to me to go to Pastor Vernon Richardson house to tell him that when the national church came back in six months that he would be selected to be the Bishop of Nebraska. 

June 1991 Presiding Bishop Ford announces the refurbishing of the old home of Bishop CH Mason, so it could be used for executives and guest.

August 1991 Held the national Founders Day celebration in Lexington, MS, where he is rebuilding the Lexington school.

September 1991 At the annual founders Day Celebration that was held in Lexington, MS.  The publishing board chair announced that there would be a release of a video on the life of Bishop Mason, there will be a new released book on the life of Bishop Mason and the pioneers that noting their contributions and Pioneers Wall of Commemoration placed in the a lobby of Mason Temple.    Also there was an announcement that Bishop Ithiel will be releasing a book on the social history of bishop Mason that would be used in Colleges and Universities.


1991 September 21, Saturday Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford came back to Omaha, Nebraska with a delegation of the General Board Bishop P.A. Brooks, Bishop C.L. Anderson and himself to hold a press conference speaking about the importance of the history of Omaha Nebraska to the Church of God in Christ national historical significance. 

September 21, 1991 This day changed my life it was like the Presiding Bishop’s words got into my spirit surrounding the importance of founding pioneers of the Church of God in Christ.  His great love for them entered inside me along with the command from Bishop Mason to preserve the history of his old pioneers the heavenly vision I saw on a three day fast almost exactly six months ago.  I started studying the life of Mother Lizzie Robinson  but I also studied Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford the spirit of history seemed to be upon him as if he was carrying the essence of the old pioneers spirit. In an old yearbook, dated 1965 58th Holy Convocation I found the young Louis Henry Ford he was the public relations director national for Bishop Charles Harrison Mason.  He stated several things he wanted to accomplish for the national church and low and behold everything Bishop Ford was doing it consisted of these things within his administration.  Therefore, in prayer the Lord showed me to do for Mother Lizzie Robinson who was the founding mother of the Church of God in Christ as Bishop Ford had done for the founding Father Bishop Charles Harrison Mason.  This was how God revealed to me what my work was to be as a historian in the Church of God in Christ.  So I found out Bishop Ford in 1955 had secured a street name for Bishop Mason, therefore I was to get a street name for Mother Lizzie Robinson.  Bishop Ford was getting Mason Temple landmarked by the local landmarks in Memphis, TN, and having it listed on the Federal Registry of historic places, so I listed getting local and national landmarks for Mother Lizzie Robinson. 

September 22, 1991, on Sunday Presiding Bishop Louis H. Ford appointed Pastor Vernon Richardson as Bishop of the state of Nebraska at the conclusion of the 74th Annual Holy Convocation in Omaha, Nebraska.

The first week of December at the Jurisdictional setup meeting Bishop Richardson asked me what did I want in the Jurisdiction I told him would he make he the State Historian of the Church of God in Christ.  Met with Bishop Richardson shared with him my four point plan to bring out Mother Lizzie Robinson’s history to elevated it before the national church. Therefore, I came up with a plan to accomplish four things in the area of history for Nebraska:

1.        To have a street named after Mother Robinson.

2.        To have the first church started by her and her husband protected as a historic landmark.

3.        To write a nomination for the last existing home of her daughter placed on the Federal Registry of historical places.

4.        To purchase the land where Mother Robinson's home used to exist, and build at Museum on it.

The first thing I shared with Bishop Richardson to do was to allow me to be the go between to communicate with the Presiding Bishop to negotiate the historical affairs of Nebraska with the national church and he agreed.  I told him the strategy during his administration would be to elevate his jurisdiction before the national church through the history of Mother Lizzie Robinson.

October 1991 Mason Temples internal and external refurbishing a was taking place.  The basement kitten was redone, and redoing the National sign that Mother Lizzie Robinson pit up in 1945 the day before she died.

November 8, 1991 During the Holy Convocation Presiding Bishop Ford announced through the Whole Truth that 4 historical markers pertaining to Mason Temple being accepted on the national Registry of Historic places in America would be unveiled on the grounds of Mason Temple.  One of the maker will pertain to Dr. Martin Luther King giving his last speech to the world, "I have been to the mountain top before he was assassinated here in Memphis in 1968.

December 16, 1991, Hill writes Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford a letter about his press conference in Omaha.   Sharing with him how he identified Mother Lizzie Robinson and as the home of our first General mother, and requested a proclamation affirming Mother Robinson’s history to the national church.

1991 The Whole Truth, writes Hill obtains proclamation of Mother Lizzie Robinson's Day of celebration from the Mayor P.J. Morgan in Omaha, Nebraska


On January 14, 1992, Elder Hill contacted the City planning department to find out how to obtain a local landmark and national federal registry landmark from the city of Omaha.  Lynn Meyer the Omaha preservation administrator informed me that a deadline was coming up for January 27, 2012 to have my application submitted for the February 12, 1992 meeting.

On January 27, 1992, Elder Elijah Hill as Nebraska State historian made application as case # H1-92-4 (Robinson Memorial Church)  H1-92-5 (Robinson’s House) to Omaha’s Land Heritage Preservation Commission on behalf of Elder Robert Alexander to place Mother Ida Baker’s home Mother Lizzie Robinson’s daughter’s former home on local landmark as important to Omaha’s African American history.

On January 28, 1002, Elder Hill called International Mother Mattie McGlothen informing her about wanting a letter of support from her office.

February 12, 1992, Elder Hill presented an argument of 17 documented points proving Mother Lizzie Robinson’s history and the international significance of the Church of God in Christ.

February 1990 The Whole Truth writes Hill takes his 83 year old COGIC Bishop Vernon Richardson to meet Governor Ben Nelson of Nebraska

February 20, 1992, Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission’s attorney wrote a letter to Rev. Robert Alexander owner of the Robinson house to agree to allow the property to become a historical landmark. 

February 24, 1992, responded back to Elder Hill on his request surrounding a street name change, on what the procedures would be to obtain such a change.

February 1992, Bishop Vernon Richardson held his inaugural Banquet The Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford returns back to speak at his banquet held at the Red Lion Inn downtown Omaha, Nebraska.  Elder Hill, presented a 20 X 40 picture of Bishop Vernon Richardson, Governor E. Benjamin Nelson, and Himself when Elder Hill took Bishop Richardson to see Governor Nelson to receive an award preserving Mother Lizzie Robinson’s history. 

March 12, 1992, Elder Hill host a workshop during the 75th Annual Ministers and Workers Meeting on the unique contributions to the Holiness and Pentecostal Movements of the World. 

March 1992 The Whole Truth, writes Hill meets with the Nebraska Historical Society to do a slide presentation proving the historical significance of Mother Lizzie Robinson to America's history as a great humanitarian

April 10, 1992 The National Registry nomination for Historic Mason Temple assisted by Odie H. Tolbert and Wilma J. Hughey.

April 1992 The Whole Truth International paper of the Church of God in Christ wrote an article on Elder Hill getting a proclamation from Mayor P.J. Morgan recognizing Mother Lizzie Robinson to be celebrated in Omaha, Nebraska, article was called Omaha Remembers Mother Robinson.

April 2, 1992, Omaha City Council reviews the two properties locally as local landmarks.

May 7, 1992 the Street name change was officially received at the Omaha City Planning department.

July 8, 1992, from office of the Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford Memphis, TN issues proclamation of Mother Lizzie Robinson, and acknowledges Elder Elijah Hill as historian for Church of God in Christ.

July 8, 1992, The State Historical Department and Nebraska Jurisdictional Department of Women Proclamation Service for Mother Lizzie Robinson.

July 17, 1992, Elder Hill wrote the City planning department to request clarification of street naming procedures.

July 27, 1992, letter from Rod Phillips, Omaha City Manager planning department listing requirements for a Street name change requiring petition of owners along a three block stretch.

August 5, 1992, Omaha World Herald Newspaper articles states, “Council Says: Here’s to You, Mrs. Robinson surrounding Street name change called Lizzie Robinson Avenue.

August 1992 Presiding Bishop Ford installs in Little Rock, Arkansas a historic plaque with the historic instruction that, "On this corner in 1897 the name Church of God in Christ was revealed to Bishop Charles Harrison Mason.  "For ye brethren became followers of the churches of God which in Judea are in Christ Jesus," (I Thessalonians 2:14).

September 21-26, 1992, State of Nebraska Holy Convocation Elder Elijah Hill presents Workshop on topic, “The Genesis of the Church of God in Christ in Nebraska.

September 1992 The Whole Truth article stated, "Building Dedicated," finally in Lexington, MS the Deborah/Mason Patterson building was opened for dedication.

October 3, 1992, Newspaper Article in Tri-State Defender in Memphis, Tennessee, called Street Honors L. Robinson on front page Elder Hill, wife, Mother Louise Secret, Bishop Vernon Richardson holding street sign before installed by the City of Omaha.

October 1992, The Whole Truth Newspaper of the Church of God in Christ it is titled “It Is Official Now,” holding street sign with Mother Lizzie Robinson’s Street name.

October 1992 Bishop Ford's reelection to campaign Whole Truth Paper Elder Hill and Bishop on front page.

November 6, 1992, Elder Hill brings a replica of the street sign installed in Omaha, Nebraska to Memphis, TN, at the 85th Holy Convocation.  He asked our saintly Mother Mattie McGlothen to allow us to present the replica for attendees on Women’s Day to see the street sign and she had him to present it.

November 7, 1992, Bishop Vernon Richardson Elder Hill’s Bishop is asked for the first time to speak at the Holy Convocation in Memphis, TN, by Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford on Saturday of the convention.

November 1992 International Holy Convocation of the Church of God in Christ Memphis, TN, resolution submitted by Elder Elijah Hill to the General Assemblies resolution committee to consider a national holiday for Mother Lizzie Robinson.  Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford removed the resolution from the minutes.   He wanted to do it by executive order himself because it felt the church would have approved it without his decision.

November 10, 1992, Mayor of the City of Omaha appoints Rev. Elijah Hill to the City’s Landmark Heritage Preservation Commission to preserve Omaha’s heritage memory.


January 1993, Rev. Elijah Hill is appointed by the Mayor of Omaha, Nebraska to the Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission in the City of Omaha, Nebraska.

January 8, 1993, hearing in Lincoln, Nebraska surrounding nomination of Lizzie Robinson’s house to be place on the federal registry of historic places Elder Hill presented a slide presentation to Nebraska’s Historical Society’s Board for approval to go to the National Registry of historical places in Washington, D.C.  Hill was accompanied by Lynn Meyer of the City of Omaha’s City planning department.

January 11, 1993, Elder Elijah Hill wrote a letter to Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford stating he would send the resolution to his office executive order, and confirming he wanted to host a celebration of her street naming in Omaha, Nebraska to plan it after the April meeting in 1993.

February 20. 1993, Elder Elijah Hill receives the Governor’s Recognition Award from Governor’s E. Benjamin Nelson for the renaissance and preservation of Mother Lizzie Robinson’s history as a global humanitarian in the state of Nebraska.

February 27, 1993, at the Red Lion Inn downtown Omaha, Nebraska, Bishop Vernon Richardson and Elder Elijah Hill receives the Governors Recognition Award for preserving Mother Lizzie Robinson’s history.  The national chair Dr. Frank Ellis of the General Assembly attended the event.

February 1993 Presiding Bishop L. H. Ford announces in the Whole Truth the Centennial celebration of our founder when he was with C.P. Jones.  Bishop Ford stated in the whole truth that, "But to deny or forget the 1897 date would be an injustice to those who labored to bring the organization to the point where Pentecost became a reality."

March 1993, The Whole Truth Newspaper prints article called, “State of Nebraska’s Governor’s Recognition Award.”   The article sited Bishop Vernon Richardson and Elder Elijah Hill as receiving the Governor’s recognition award in Nebraska with picture standing next to then Governor E. Benjamin Nelson.

In April of 1993 Rev. Elijah Hill’s proposal and application to the Federal Registry of Historical Places in America was approved that the last remaining home of Mother Lizzie Robinson was important to America’s Religious history. 

July 14, 1993, Mayor officially conducted a swearing in ceremony in the City of Omaha’s legislative chambers for Rev. Elijah Hill for his appointment to the City of Omaha’s Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission in the City of Omaha’s the City Council’s legislative Chamber.

August 19, 1993, Rev. Elijah Hill as chair of the City Commission request that the legal department of the City of Omaha research if the commission has a formal rules of order, then he requested at the next meeting for the commission to be ran via Robert’s Rules of Order as chair of the commission.

September 1993 The Whole Truth announces saint’s academy official opening in Lexington, MS after three of construction.

Stop at this point:

September 23, 1993, The Omaha Star Newspaper ran an article in Omaha, Nebraska called, “Rev. Hill Appointed to Landmarks Commission, showing a picture of Rev. Hill and his family in the City council Chambers receiving his appointment papers from then Mayor P. J. Morgan.

September 29-October 3rd 1993 the National Trust selected Rev. Elijah Hill for Historical Preservation as a national preservationist in urban America invited him to attend their convention all-expense paid in St. Louis, Missouri that year. Rev. November 1993 Elijah Hill is selected as the chairperson of the City of Omaha’s Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission.  Omaha Star Black owned Newspaper writes an article called “Rev. Hill, appointed to Landmarks Commission on Rev. Elijah Hill’s appointment to Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission in the city of Omaha, Nebraska.   His going to the National Trust Convention also his receiving the Governor’s Recognition Award from Nebraska Governor E. Benjamin Nelson for the renaissance of Mother Lizzie Robinson’s history as an important humanitarian the had global significance while being a resident of Omaha, Nebraska.

Hill's reveals at the 87th Holy Convocation in Memphis, TN to Presiding Bishop November 1993, L.H. Ford his historical photo collection of 500 photo, and Bishop Ford take's Hill into the Genera Board chambers and states to the General Board, “Boy is a gold mine yaw don't see it now but you watch what I say." Bishop Ford, stated you see come over here all you General Board members do you see what this young has this is real history of our Church.  In all my years I have never seen a picture of the founding Father and Mother Lizzie Robinson sitting together.  Bishop Ford told the General Board come on with me and young man you come with me.  I had never encountered the national leadership of the church before so I was stunned, he took me to General Board office, and Bishop Ford stated, to one of the General Board members get up out of that seat and let this boy sit there.  Bishop Ford addressed the whole General Board Bishop Brooks, Bishop Haynes, Bishop Green, Bishop Willis, Bishop Owens, Bishop CE Blake, Bishop Anderson, Bishop OT Jones, Jr, Bishop Winbush, Bishop I. Clemmons,  and Bishop Anderson.  Bishop Ford stated, now I want you all to know that this boy here is a gold mine, and you all may not believe it but you will see what I am talking about as his life goes on."

November 1993 The President of the United States of America visits the Historic Mason


June 1994 The Whole Truth Newspaper for Church of God in Christ Inc, prints this article, “First and Youngest Black To Chair Commission,” article stated Mayor P.J. Morgan appointed Elder Elijah Hill to City of Omaha’s Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission.

November 1994, Bishop Ford called in Memphis, TN where he wanted all of the Real Estate agents to come together in the COGIC to assist with a national project and Bishop Owens stood right next to me while Bishop Ford had the entire group to take a picture for historical reasons.

November 1994 1994, November I came up to the pulpit to speak with Presiding Bishop L.H. Ford after service, and I asked him Bishop Ford were you still going to have the national celebration of Mother Lizzie Robinson's life that you spoke to me about, and Bishop Owens was standing right next to us, and he stated, Bishop is this young man trying to tell you what to do? Bishop Ford stated, Bishop Owens this boy is right I told him that I would do it and I'm going to do it, and I want to and I want to appoint him as the national chair for this celebration.  Bishop Ford never lived to see this event take place the next year he pasted.


March 31, 1995 Presiding Bishop Louis

 Henry Ford dies in Chicago, Illinois at 81 years old.

1996 Family we moved to Kansas City, Missouri joined Barker Temple Church of God in Christ with Bishop E. Harris Moore who was the Bishop of Missouri Western and Assistant General Secretary of the Church of God in Christ.

1997 1997 April Hill writes prophetic letter after a 5 day fast to Presiding Bishop C.D. Owens about God will heal his body before he knew he was sick


1998 Presiding Bishop C.D. Owens meets with Hill surrounding endorsing his new book on Biblical Prophecy that he didn’t know he had written such a scholarly work.15. 1998 November, Presiding Bishop C.D. Owens gives a personal endorsement at the Pyramid in Memphis at the Holy Convocation recommending Hill's book for COGIC reading. Appointed by Bishop E. Harris Moore as the Jurisdictional Historian of the Church of God in Christ.


1999 October, I met Presiding Bishop Owens in person in Kansas City, Missouri after Bishop E. Harris Moore had died.   He was my Pastor and I was an adjutant escorting Bishop Owens to Bishop Moore's office, and he spoke with me that night while I was standing there, he stated Rabbi I appreciate the words you shared with me in that letter. 


2000, October met Bishop Owens at the Carlton Ritz in Kansas City, Missouri he had invited me to come for breakfast to speak with me about endorsing my book on Biblical Prophecy called, "The Unsealing of the Last Things.," Bishop Owens stated now Son come sit right next to me, and I am thinking about appointing a new Bishop here in Kansas City, Missouri I am considering this man to your right Pastor W. B. Henderson do you think feel that I should appoint him."  I told Bishop Owens that I knew Pastor Henderson personally he has one of the largest churches in Kansas City and he use to be my pastor he is a good man I think he should be he has a great heart for people."

That day after breakfast my Bishop Emanuel Newton didn’t know I was there at breakfast with the Presiding Bishop so he was shocked and he told one of his adjutants to escort me off of the premise he thought I had found out the special place the Bishop was at, but he didn’t not know that my RSVP was a meeting to designate a new second Bishop in my Bishop's State and he was not to know about it yet until the decision was made. When we left the Carlton Ritz my Bishop told me to leave and the Presiding Bishop Owens told him, Bring this boy with me in my Limousine I am going to endorse his book and I want to speak with him about it."

October 2000, Bishop Owens had someone call me to come to Pastor Henderson's church and he told me to  come into the office, and he stated Son I am going to endorse this book we do not have many scholars that write on Eschatology in the Church I did not know you had this ability.  Now I want you to write down these words for you endorsement from me as the Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ, "It is seldom that one find the depth studious presentation presented by Prophet Elijah Hill.  His interpretation of the prophecy of Daniel and Revelation is unequal and unparalleled.  In this what God has revealed to him, he has made it plain that even the layperson can understand the hidden mysterious that he unfolds.  The reading of this book is a must, I highly recommend that you read this book, for I know that it will enrich your life." Bishop Chandler David Owens, Presiding Bishop, Church of God in Christ World Wide.  Son at the Holy Convocation you make sure you come up to me and remind me because I want to make an announcement of your book during our services.

November 2000, at the Holy Convocation, we were having service in the Pyramid in Memphis, TN, and I went up the pulpit the Presiding Bishop Chandler David Owens was sitting here in his seat, then I knelt down at his chair and showed him the book and the cover with his photo and endorsement.  He told me, Son I really like this book design, so what do you want me to do, and I stated well Bishop you told me to remind you to announce it, and he stated then that is what I am going to do right now sit down next to me in this chair while I announce it."

2000, December, Hills writes a letter to Presiding Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson about the future of Barker Temple as an important historical piece for COGIC17. 2000, March Hill writes a prophetic letter to Presiding Bishop G.E. Patterson advising him to take the church back to its history, and that it could be placed in different forms to relate to future generations. Hill gave suggestion of 15 different ideas, and G.E. Patterson came out with the prayer CD of him and Bishop Mason Praying, then later the songs the old time way.


October 2001, my wife and I went on a trip to Florida on a Cruise, and I called Bishop Owens that we would travel through Atlanta, so he asked me to come and speak for him on the Friday night I was passing through Marietta, GA, me and my wife.  I spoke on the message “God’s Stock Market”, and afterwards I lifted an offering money was all over the floor and Bishop Owens stated, I didn’t tell you all to give the preacher all over your money,” it was so much.


2003 Moved to Arlington, Tx in 2003.


2005 In May 2005 at the Church of God in Christ Women’s International Convention Elder Elijah Hill releases his biography on Mother Lizzie Robinson the founding mother of the Women’s movement of the Church of God in Christ.  Mother Willie Mae Rivers loves the book and speaks out of it for that convention and helps Elder Hill promote the book during that convention in Atlanta, GA.


March of 2006, the Enrichment Magazine reviews Elder Elijah Hill’s book called “Women Come Alive,” on the biography of Mother Lizzie Robinson as one of several books that are must reads for the 100th Year anniversary of Pentecostalism in America.

April 26, 2006, Elder Elijah Hill invited as one of the 15 scholars to speak at West Angels Bishop William J. Seymour Symposium during the 100th year Azusa Street Pentecostalism celebration, and Elder Hill’s topic was “Bishop Charles Harrison Mason Contending for the faith of Bishop William J. Seymour”. Write article in Whole Truth on first Assistant Presiding Bishop Blake is hosting the Seymour Forum for the 100th Year Azusa Celebration. 

2006 April, Hill's was invited to Memphis by Dr. David Hall to attend his writers seminar at the COGIC Publishing House, since Dr Hall was considering a new staff of writers for the Sunday School topics.

2006, June Dr. Adrienne M. Israel who wrote the chapter on women in COGIC for Bishop Ithel Clemmons book on the life Bishop Mason. Wrote a book review of Hill's book stating his research was impeccable accurate and a great contribution to the COGIC.

2006 June, The Whole Truth Elder Hill's writes an article about the significance of 1st Assistant Presiding Bishop Charles Blake’s hosting the William Seymour Symposium during the 100th years Azusa Street Revival.

August 2006, I called Bishop Owens and shared with him about coming to his local Holy Convocation to bring my books to promote, and he stated, Son you just come on I would be delighted to have you to be my personal guest.  When you get here in town call my first or second Administrative Assistant here is their phone numbers.  I arrived at the Convocation and came in the door the service was going on, and I came to the front of the pulpit Bishop Owens saw me coming he and he smiled.  One  of his local adjutants stopped me from coming to the pulpit, and Bishop Owens came right over and told the young man, “Do you know who this is this is Prophet Elijah Hill from Dallas, Texas he is my personal guest bring him to the pulpit and seat him there.”

 August 2006, Atlanta, Georgia, at Bishop Owens Holy Convocation after the service Bishop Owens had one of his adjutants to escort me out of the service when Bishop Owens left to go to his office.  We sat there Bishop Owens told his administrative Assistants you see who is here this week as my guest the Prophet, and I appreciate him being here with us this week.  Go get him something to eat and I don’t want him to pay for it have them to fix him whatever it wants in our kitchen.  I want him to meet with me tomorrow at that favorite restaurant in Marietta that I like give him your phone number so you can get in touch with him to let him know where we are going to have lunch tomorrow.

2006 November Elder Hill speaks on “Bishop Mason’s Historic Leadership Secrets” for national Seminars 99th Holy Convocation in Memphis, Tennessee.


April 2007, Hill writes a prophetic letter encouraging the overall leadership of the COGIC not to focus division, but dignify the death of the Late Presiding Bishop G.E. Patterson.

May 2007 during the 100th year Centennial Celebration of the Church of God in Christ Elder Hill, releases the Historic Photo Book of the Women’s movement that has 200 pictures of the pioneering women of the church. 

2007 May Women’s Convention Hill meets with Presiding Bishop Edward Blake in private about his historic photo book, and shares his vision surrounding documenting the history of the COGIC.  Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake at the meeting asked for Hill to present a proposal to him surrounding his vision to do an electronic museum with his large historic collection.

November 2007 Elder Hill speaks on “Bishop Mason’s Historic Leadership Secrets” for national Seminars 2007 November 100th Holy Convocation in Memphis, Tennessee. Elder Hill, releases his new book on Bishop William J. Seymour’s Biography and Azusa called “The Azusa Street Revival Wrapped in Swaddling Cloths lying in a Manger.” At the Bishop’s Conference in 2007 in September Elder Hill announces that he will release the Bishop’s Historic Album of pioneering Bishop’s in the Church of God in Christ.  At the Bishop’s Conference in Chicago, Illinois in 2007, Chairman of the Board of Bishops Bishop John Sheard allows Elder Hill to announce the opportunity for Bishops attending his meeting to place their photos in the book before it is published in 2008. 

2007 October, Hill writes a prophetic letter to overall COGIC surrounding 12 points why Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake should be voted in as the Presiding Bishop based upon parallel histories of Bishop C.H. Mason and Presiding Bishop Charles Blake.

2008 In Whole Truth Article about the an online museum of COGIC History the first of its kind.  The Book Historic Photo Album with 200 pictures of bishops the served under Bishop Charles Harrison Mason.


 Prophet Elijah L. Hill's Career Prophecies To National Leaders

Prophet Elijah L. Hill's Prophesy to Presiding Bishop Chandler David Owens about God Healing Him of Cancer April 25, 1999

April 25, 1999

Presiding Bishop C.D. Owens

Presiding Bishops Office

Marietta, Georgia


To the 6th Presiding Bishop of the C.O.G.I.C, Bishop C.D. Owens, and servant of Jesus Christ to all the saints everywhere, grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.  I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, for your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now. 

I am now entering my sixth day fasting on behalf of the saints here at Barker Temple, and the revelation of Jesus Christ came to me at night concerning you.  These are the words I heard God uttering.  As Samuel the prophet selected David amongst all his elder brothers, so Bishop C.H. Mason selected a youth Bishop L.H. Ford and Bishop L.H. Ford saw through the eyes of God to select you. 

Bishop L.H. Ford was a great admirer of young talented black men, he desired to see their skills utilized for the working of God s kingdom. He inherited this practice from watching his spiritual father Bishop C.H. Mason exercise this very principle in his ministry.  Bishop L.H. Ford worked to pave the way for you, because of his love for you as a father to a son. 

He watched you grow up as a tender plant in the vineyard of Gods kingdom.  You developed and prospered in the things that God gave you to do, even in developing the voice of a lion.  As you matured in the ministry, experience and education, you began to speak as the leader that God revealed to him in your youth.  It was this special gift of having the voice of God that speaks on many waters that made you stand out amongst all your fellow yokemen.    You spoke with a gentleness and quiet tone, but spiritually captured the peoples attention with a grand command of an ordinary language that God had divinely established. 

I remember the first time I heard a tape of your message, An Invitation to a Crucifixion.  It was in 1982 I was traveling as an evangelist all that year my family and I had left Holy Ghost Temple C.O.G.I.C, my pastor Elder Mack Reed.  I went from city to city only by the leading of God with no itinerary set.  I met and preached for Pastor Frison, Davenport, Iowa, Bishop C.L. Anderson, Detroit Michigan, Bishop Samuel Kelsey, Washington, D.C., Pastor J.E. Booker, Memphis, Tenn., Pastor Loggins Habbard, Ohio, Pastor James Mckenney, Jr., Columbia, South Carolina, Bishop Samuel Green, Newport News, VA, Bishop Nance, Belxie, MI, Bishop Faust, Jacksonville, FL.  It was at Faust Temple C.O.G.I.C in Jacksonville, FL, that Bishop Faust gave me a copy of your message An Invitation to a Crucifixion.  Your flat-footed style of preaching encouraged me in keeping with my God given expository style of preaching.  You became one of my mentors because of the voice that God had given to you.   

It is quite a coinsidence that it was here at Barker Temple that at the age of 14 years old, in 1974, I first experienced the baptism of the Holy Ghost.  My mother moved to Kansas City, Missouri, then I moved back to Omaha the next year to live with my Grandparents, and was called to the ministry.  Bishop E. H. Moore, use to tell me while we sat next to each other in the pulpit, that You are home now, he had not forgotten my mother and I when we use to be members of Baker Temple.  I had been born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, but my spiritual birthplace or my Bethel was Barker Temple.  Which is the Mother church of the Nebraska, Mother Lizzie Robinson and Dad Robinson would in the 1920s come all the way to Barker Temple to participate in the convocation.  Later on Bishop Barker allow Nebraska to host their own convocation.

There is something that you have been praying for personally for God to do for you.  I wanted to let you know that God is going to do the thing in your body that you have been praying for.  You will be able to testify of it.  Gods hand is upon your life, you were selected to be where you are and I thank God for it.  I hear the Lord saying to you, Philippians 1:6, Being confident of this very thing that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.  The Amplified Bible says, developing {that good work} and perfecting and bring it to full completion in you.

I am supposed to speak this coming Sunday, April 25, 1999, but since I am continuing this consecration a few more days, I asked Elder Gay, to speak in my place he will be 81 years old this week.   May the peace of God be with you.  And I am praying for you that God will continue to bless the work of your hands in his vineyard.

 Yours that His Kingdom will come

Prophet, Elder Elijah L. Hill



Presiding Bishop C.D. Owens

Presiding Bishops Office

Marietta, Georgia

Dear Presiding Bishop

To the servant of Jesus Christ to all the saints everywhere, grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.   I really appreciated your coming to Kansas City, Missouri.  I feel that your visit was such a tremendous blessing to all of us. 

The way God spoke through you here seemed to flow right thorough to the hearts of the people, giving them that 90 % leadership that you spoke about.  You displayed yourself as one who could be touched with the feeling of our infirmities.

The morning that I took Bishop Green to the airport he asked me about pastoring here in Kansas City, and I shared with him that I had not went in that direction yet, because I was looking to move permanently further south.   He told me to make sure I spoke to you about my desire to move, and that maybe I would be willing to move to Atlanta, Georgia. 

He stated that maybe the presiding Bishop might have aurch open in the future if he knew that you were willing to relocate.  My desire is not to work a regular job, but to be full time in an existing pastorate. I had not purchased a house as of yet because my wife also desired to move to a larger southern city to make our permanent residence, two years ago we had already decided on either Dallas, Texas or Atlanta, Georgia.

I know that the Lord has shown me working closer to you in your administration, and you know the love that I have in my heart for the history of the church.  I would love to work at your side as a cabinet member.

I dont know if you remember the letter I wrote you a year ago while I was on my five day fast, and I shared with you about a condition in your body.  That God would heal you of it, and you would be able to testify about it.  God raised you up for such a time as this to lead this grand old church from 2000 and beyond.  I know it beyond a shadow of a doubt that what God has for you it is for you, keep being close to the people as you are doing that God will make you victorious.

Thank you again for endorsing my book your statement will be printed on the back cover, I dont have the money yet for printing but God will provide.  The picture my wife and I took with you came out fine, and I am sending it to the graphic artist to see how it will look.   I am looking forward to working with you; here is my phone number, (816) 678-6638.

Yours that His Kingdom will come

Prophet Elijah L. Hill


Presiding Bishop C.D. Owens

Presiding Bishops Office

Marietta, Georgia


Dear Presiding Bishop

To the servant of Jesus Christ to all the saints everywhere, grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  He came to me and showed me one avenue that could be an angle that you might consider at the beginning of the November meeting.

I know when we were at breakfast while you were here in Kansas City, Missouri; you expressed the fact that most pastors are well taken care of financially.  Yet, there are many pastors that maybe struggling that you could win their support by inciting a revolving loan fund.  Since some pastors want to say that the church doesnt have a way to support local churches, you may want to consider silencing the mouths of accusers by putting their money where their mouth is.

For example, the Lord showed me you could ask every pastors, elders and missionaries to give a donation of $100.00 from 10,000 pastors to support a $1,000,000 million national revolving church loan fund limit on each loan $5,000.  If there are 20,000 donations of $100.00 this will elevate the revolving fund to $2,000,000 million, which the limit for the loan can be $10,000 each for 200 individual churches. 

This move at the November Convention could benefit you in several ways first it would demonstrate that you initiated the thing that the multitude is speaking about, second it would pass the responsibility openly over to those that have been complaining, third if they respond this would show your leadership in this particular area.

You could introduce my book that was endorsed by you at this time on subject of Daniel and Revelations as an incentive for ministers and missionaries to give the $100.00, the book will be reduced by the author to encourage those that give from $25.00 to $15.00.  It is important that our ministers, missionaries and pastors be effective in teaching and preaching on biblical prophecy, or just to have a easily to understand guide in their library on the subject of eschatology.  In the book of Revelation there are seven special prophetic blessings left by God for his people, one of those blessings has to do with becoming a student of prophecies of the end time.  This is confirmed in Revelations 1:3, That Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things, which are written: for the time is at hand.

This would be an opportunity to demonstrate prior to the election your leadership tards churches and pastors by initiating this loan fund for churches, and giving them a special reduced offer of this book on eschatology so that their members will be blessed by the information in the book.  

The Lord gave me this to share with you as I was praying for you about a month ago, and I sat down to write this but never completed it, waiting on the right timing.  Some men would want to over shadow this election God showed me to make it seem that you are not for pastors.  This would be a move that would make their efforts ineffective especially if it was done early in the meeting.

As president Clinton was able to over shadow the accusers by demonstrating his leadership, the peoples support can be turned by your demonstration of leadership in this particular area.  God has already showed me that through pray and fasting that you can overcome the accusers, because you are doing a great work dont come down.  Sometimes God takes the simple things to overshadow the problem, pour water on the fire by introducing the fundraiser, and placing the focus on assisting the local church.

Be encouraged I am praying for you that God will bring you out in victory!

 Yours that His Kingdom will Come


 Prophet Elijah L. Hill


 Prophet Elijah L. Hill prophesies To Presiding Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson



End Time Prophetic World Explosion Ministries    P.O. Box 240641, Kansas City, MO     . 64124, (816) 678-6678 Off.


December 11, 2000

Presiding Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson

369 G. E. Patterson Avenue
Memphis, TN. 38126

 To the 6th Chief Apostle of the C.O.G.I.C, Bishop G.E. Patterson, and servant of Jesus Christ to all the saints everywhere, grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.  Bishop as per our telephone conversation 12/09/00, we spoke in regard to you submitting your endorsement and photo for my next reprinted editions book The Unsealing of the Last Things.  I shared with you in the conversation about an interview on your telecast, to give more exposure to the book.

Bishop, I thought about maybe this could be a possibility of offering the book via your telecast during the interview for a donation amount for $15.00 then can contribute $5.00 to your ministry telecast.

I spoke with Bishop Samuel Green the other day about my interest in developing a prophetic conference, he shared with me to speak to you about it you may want to fit it into your conference ministry.  The ministry of teaching biblical prophecy could be a highlight during your day sessions.  I usually share the information via the computer from my Microsoft power point presentations.

I also spoke with Prophet Nathan Simmons about the conference concept in Memphis, TN; and I am very interested in looking to long term develop a Prophetic Conference, and I need your help in guiding me along with way.  I am adopting you as one of my fathers in the gospel, so that as God is leading me to share this prophetic message nationally, your keen insight and ministry savvy can help me along my path.

Look forward to hearing from your staff about the endorsement material and photo, and about what would be a good time to interview for the book. I am interested in submitting my book and materials to TBN, CBN and BET, when we speak again if you would have some suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.  My mailing address is P.O. Box 240641, Kansas City, Missouri. 64124, my cell phone number just in case they have any questions or need additional information is (816) 678-6638.  I will need the endorsement material in the next two weeks to submit to the graphic artist, who will be redesigning the cover.

There are somethings that God wants me to share with you this will be forth coming, as I shared about the churches national vision with the Late Presiding Bishop L.H. Ford, and with Bishop C.D. Owens, so shall it be with you.  Thank you very much for your fatherly support, and I look forward to working with you.

 Yours the His Kingdom with Come

Prophet Elijah Hill

 CC: Other National Ministries that may potentially want this aspect of the gospel shared at their future conferences.  If your ministry may have an interest in biblical prophecy presented in seminars, then we can send a package to you.


The Jurisdictional Historian for the Church of God in Christ of Missouri Western     

                                                                                                                                                P.O. Box 240641

                                                                                Kansas City, MO 64124

                                                                                                                (816) 842-7245   


December 31, 2000


 Presiding Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson

369 G. E. Patterson Avenue

Memphis, TN. 38126

 RE: The Future of Barker Temple the Mother church of the Midwest

 The historic significance of Barker Temple extends beyond this local doorstep or this immediate geographic area too our national Church of God in Christ organizations heritage; it stands as one of the great historical and spiritual monuments like Mason Temple.  The origin of twenty-first century Pentecostalism the Azusa Street Mission was abandon historically because the Assemblies of God didnt want to admit that their spiritual fathers were black men like William J. Seymour and our own founder Bishop Charles H. Mason. 

When today God had to raise up black men like Bishop Carlton Pearson, who celebrates Azusa annually remembering how African Americans were the mothers and fathers of even white Pentecostals today.  Even Bishop Carlton Pearson was enlightened while on tour with Oral Roberts in Africa, while leading the thousands of Zu Lu Africans they began on their own to sing the famous Yes Lord praise of Dad Masons.  Is history important that our poor fore parents sent money over through your local Home and Foreign Missions departments to fund our women missionaries that established a church, school, and clinic in Zu Lu African in the early forties when other denomination could not.  

Also, our 1st Assistant Presiding Bishop Charles Blake, who strategically made the move to salvage the memory of the Azusa Street Revival by purchasing the Bonnie Brae House, where William J. Seymour started the prayer meeting that produced the now World Renowned Azusa Street Mission.   When the city of Los Angeles went to the Assemblys of God before the Azusa Street Mission was demolished; yet their feeling was they didnt want anything to do with that relic. The Late Bishop W. A. Patterson the father of our present Presiding Bishop GE Patterson built the first brick Church of God in Christ from the ground up in Memphis, Tennessee.   Likewise his friend and fellow yolkman in the brotherhood in Missouri, who was overseer of three states in the Midwest, the Late Bishop V.M. Barker achieved the same by erecting Barker Temple from the ground up.   Both of them following in the footsteps of such a great trailblazer in brick and mortar Dad Mason, who built the Mason Temple the first largest facility constructed owned by African Americans in Americas history.   These events only reveal to us that where we are today is built upon the faith of those that have gone on before us.   That the memories of our great cloud of witnesses is yet before us to preserve for future generations to pull from their strength and testimonies.

Why is Barker Temples perpetual future the Mother church of the Midwest important to the national Church?    Now that it is public knowledge that Pastor John Mark Johnson desires to move from the present site of Barker Temple, and that his vision has placed his future sites on a larger more excisable building located in the suburbs out of the 18th and Vine St. area.  We have had our experience of religious political in-fighting here in Missouri Western, but now it is time to beat our swords into plow shares and work together for a greater cause than ourselves.  

I think that the vision of the present pastor of Barker Temple is a good thing, but for us to be asleep on what the final outcome of this precious landmark is a bad thing.   It should be preserved for future generations to enjoy.  This could be a win-win situation for the present pastor and congregation to move, and the national and jurisdiction to control the future use of the building.    The Jazz District Development Corporation has eminent domain rights to all properties in the 18th and Vine area, including Barker Temple.   Without hindering Pastor Johnson progress or vision, we could easily work together on preserving our future heritage. 

We need the help of the national church and the local to leverage the community by showing their concern publicly for the site, and inquiring about its future use for the benefit of the Church of God in Christ.  Al Fleming who is the director of the Jazz District Development Corporation, who was hired by our former black Mayor from out of California.  He spearheaded a very successful redevelopment effort there in California, it just some happens that the Late Bishop Stewards son is good friends with Al Fleming.  Al Fleming also placed Bishop Stewards son over the former development in California.  Al had a similar situation in California where a historic black church was in the middle of his development, and he worked with the church to include them into the overall vision of this development.  

One option could be once pastor Johnson moves is to use the facility as a worship center, and a COGIC museum, which I have already spoke to Al Fleming about as a future use.  All of the 200 or more historic photos that I have could be utilized, to place a historic photo gallery for future COGIC tourist to enjoy.   Other than this if the building is acquired by Al with no indication our interest, it will be used for future office space.  This whole area is being built-up to be a major tourist attraction, and our organization via Barker Temple is strategically planted in the right location.  Nevertheless; if Al Fleming purchases the building in the future, he could still grant the national church consent to have the future use of the building to be designated for the organizations purpose.   This way Pastor Johnson could achieve his goal as well as the history of the national church can yet be preserved.  

Fannie Mae, has given $30 Million dollars to develop this area, and there is presently construction going on all around Barker Temple.  There will be limited parking around the facility, but there is presently a two story parking garage being built on the corner.   Over in my neighborhood the Beacon Hill development, only six blocks from Barker Temple.  Fannie Mae, has contributed $45 Million dollars to rebuild this neighborhood, there will be $80,000 dollar house constructed, as well as the new Bruce R. Watkins interstate.   Just only seven blocks from this development area Truman Medical Hospital will is investing $100 Million dollars over the next five years on the other side of Beacon Hills $45 Million dollar development.  I just hope that we as a Church do not close our eyes, and then open them later with much regret.

 Yours the His Kingdom will Come


 Prophet Elijah Hill

 CC: The General Board, Bishop Newton.

The Jurisdictional Historian for the Church of God in Christ of Missouri Western     

                                                                                                                                                P.O. Box 240641

                                                                                Kansas City, MO 64124

                                                                                                                (816) 678-6638   


March 06, 2001

Presiding Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson

369 G. E. Patterson Avenue

Memphis, TN. 38126

I am writing this letter to you to make you aware of my desire to serve under your administration as the national historian of the COGIC.   As far as I am aware of the Late Bishop Ithiel Clemmons was appointed and had served in this capacity, and no one is fulfilling this role in the church nationally. 

As the Late mother Mattie McGlothen so eloquently stated concerning working in the national work, Well have you done your home work, meaning had one worked in the local to gain experience.  Here is my background information or my homework that will be enclosed with this letter.  I have a deep passion and desire to see the memories and the great cloud of witnesses that have gone on before us be available for our young future generations.  

The Lord gave me this scripture in the book of Deuteronomy 6:20-23 concerning this church, it states, And when thy son asketh thee in time to come, saying, What mean the testimonies, which the Lord our God hath commanded you?  Then thou shalt say unto thy son, We were Pharaohs bondmen in Egypt; and the Lord brought us out of Egypt with a mighty hand:  And the Lord shewed signs and wonders, great and sore, upon Egypt, upon Pharaoh, and upon all his household, before our eyes: And he brought us out from thence, that he might bring us in, to give us the land which he sware unto our fathers.  The Lord has shown me that the history of the church and its many testimonies and miraculous events can be put in many different forms to be related to our sons and future generations.  Here is some of the goals or plans that God has given to me that would enhance your administration and be a great blessing to the church:

Writing the autobiography on Mother Lizzie Robinson and the most notable women in the COGIC

 Produce a traveling historic photographic Exhibit from the photos I have acquired from my collection, and slide presentations along with the Exhibit.

Create a Museum over the Internet that would have the photos and biographies of saints that served and now are no longer with us.  So that their memory and testimonies can be available for future generations.

Create a major motion picture on the life of Lizzie Robinson and the pioneering women of the COGIC. 

Do a major motion picture on the life of Bishop C.H. Mason, so the world can be exposed to the testimonies and miraculous acts of God that placed in as a significant figure in the twentieth century Pentecostalism in America.

Develop an Encyclopedia of COGIC pioneers that can be put in print so those that dont use the internet can have access to it.

Produce a traveling plays about the impact that Bishop Mason had on allowing women to serve in leadership roles within the COGIC, since 1911.  How he loosed the woman when other denominations would not, were the COGIC has the largest womens convention in the world.

Establish a photographic gallery or museum in the city where Mother Lizzie Robinson, sent most of her life serving the church.

Locate a site in Memphis where all of these photos 200 8 X 10 and 800 single head shots of individuals that served in many local jurisdictions fifty year old historic photos can be archived and preserved for future viewing for members of our church.

Do a video documentary on many of the women missionaries that Mother Lizzie Robinson sent to foreign fields that served laying the ground work for our present day Worldwide vision.

These are just some of the things that God has given to me that I would implement under your administration if you were to appoint me as the national historian.  I wanted you to see what I had in mind as a long term and short term goals for such an office as this. I have been waiting on the Lord for twelve years with these thoughts and dreams for Gods timing, and God told me to share it with you.   I feel in my heart that as great as the COGICs history is the half has not been told to this world yet, there is much work to be done with such a short time to do it in.

Yours that His Kingdom Will Come


Prophet Elijah Hill


End Time Prophetic Ministries, C.O.G.I.C.

P.O. Box 240641 Kansas City, MO 64124


December 24, 2001

Elijah Hill, a servant and a prophet of Jesus Christ, to them that God called out to be Bishops over the souls of men that have obtained this like precious faith with us through the righteousness of God and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  I knew a youngman about twenty-five years ago who was caught up in the spirit during much fasting and prayer, and he heard unspeakable words surrounding the prophetic writings of the books of Daniel and Revelation.  The Lord specifically instructed me to write the vision and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.  The Holy Ghost over shadowed me with this abundance of revelation, he told me this End Time word should not to be shared in a complicated manner, but that he would show me how to relate it, that even a sinner will understand it. The Lord told me to seal up the vision for the time was not yet.

In 2000, God instructed me to publish it under the title of  The Unsealing of the Last Things.  Since the recent events of September 11, 2001, people have an increased interest and hunger in what the Bible has to say about the end. The Lord laid on my heart to go out and share this prophetic message through an electronic presentation like you seen demonstrated by our Presiding Bishop for the 94th Annual Mens Day physical health presentation, to make a bold appeal for new souls to come to Christ.  

If you would like to invite me to your city this year to present this bible prophecy session, would you allow me to conduct an all night shut-in prayer and fast at your church on a Friday night to prepare me for the Saturday all day services.  The Lord showed me in a vision the healing and deliverance mantle of Bishop C.H. Mason and Mother E.J. Dabney in this 21st Century will fall upon our Grand Old Church, it states in Haggai 2:3,9, Who is left among you that saw this house in her first glory?  The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the Lord of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the Lord of hosts.  I saw services were God was being praised to the point where terminal diseases were healed without the lying on of hands, and habits and additions were being delivered and set free as the pulpit leads the church in continuous praise to God.  This move of God can and will happen for those servants of God that hunger and thirst for the supernatural realm.  They will not be content until they say as Elisha stated, taking the mantle of your first prophets mantle and say, where is the God of Bishop C. H. Mason. 

The Saturday prophecy seminar will be a service to invite each of your members to invite a sinner or a loved one who is not saved to come to see the Saturday morning full screen bible prophecy seminar.  On Saturday morning at 10:00-12:00am present a wide screen computerized electronic presentation on Bible Prophecy, and at the end of the seminar have a alter call for those who attended but do not know the Lord Jesus.  It is my sincere pray that in every state 1000 souls be added to Gods kingdom through these prophecy seminars in this upcoming year of 2002.  Have a fellowship dinner for all the sinners and guest that had be invited to the Prophecy seminar from 12:00-1:00.   In the Saturday evening 7:30 service we will be preaching a End Time message and the Lord showed me to conduct a prophetic divine healing service, have each member to bring the sick and the afflicted for God to bring forth their deliverance.

Bishop L. T. Walker, chairman of the board of Bishops allowed me to present my book to the board of Bishops executive board meeting during the last 94th Holy Convocation, and we will look forward to coming to your area.   I am the Region Four Director of the Midwest/South Central United States representative of the National C.O.G.I.C. Public Relations Office representing these states, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana.  Any of the Bishops in these states if you have someone or would desire to select who will work closely with myself as jurisdictional public relations representative, would you call me at the number listed below with there name.   In order, to set up an appointment for 2002 biblical prophecy seminars call me at (816) 678-6638 for services to be held in your area, and we will look forward to coming to fellowship with you in the New Year.  Now as it states in III John 1:14, But I trust I shall shortly see thee, and we shall speak face to face, Peace be to thee.


Prophet Elijah L. Hill

National Public Relations Region Four Director 

Prophet Elijah L. Hill's Prophesies To President George W. Bush After America's Attack 911


End Time Prophetic World Explosion Ministries, C.O.G.I.C.

October 11, 2001

To the Honorable President of the United States of America

George W. Bush

1600 Pennsylvania  Avenue Northwest

Washington, DC. 20501


Dear Mr. President

I was listening to the sermons recently of Presiding Bishop G.E. Patterson and Bishop T.D. Jakes this past week, and they were sharing the importance of the Church,  in America becoming more spiritually alert because of the times that we are facing with the recent terrorist event of  September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center in New York City.

As a student of Biblical Prophecy, I think it is important for you to receive a great deal of spiritual guidance, and insight from the religious leadership of America, and it is great things that you have recently invited the leaders of the Church in America to take their position spiritually as you undertake this new war.  While I began a fast for seven days the Lord revealed to me two weeks ago that there was to be an internal nuclear explosion premeditated by our enemies. Immediately, I began to pray to God to protect America from such an attempt of sabotage on our countrys internal nuclear weapons or our nuclear plants.  The Lord had also showed me in this vision that these terrorists will cause an internal explosion using our own equipment.  Therefore; this is an area that the government may want to increase security, and began to rethink its strategies of how they will prevent another devastating tragedy.

 Furthermore, the Lord reminded me that there is nothing to fear because the Lord has not given us the spirit of fear, but the spirit of love, power and a sound mind.  The Lord wants the religious community to be prayerful during this time of War, and God showed me that He would cover and protect America by the continuous pray of the Churches in America.

It says in Psalms 91:1 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. There is a secret place that the Body of Christ can achieve through their praying together at this time that will form a spiritual defense and covering all over this nation.  Even this

Page 2 of 2                           To the Honorable President of the United States of America George W. Bush

explosion that I seen prophetically it could be turned around if the Church would join together and pray for our President and our government while you undertake this engagement of this illusive enemy.  It also states in Isaiah 54:17, No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper…”.  The Church of our nation could pray that any weapons that could be conceived in the minds of these terrorists would not prosper or become ineffective and void.

A suggestion that you may consider is to ask the spiritual leaders of our nation and their organizations to commit to promoting a continuous prayer during this time for protection of our nation.  The National Religious Broadcasters and these religious groups could lead Gods people prayer for our nation during this time of crises.  We have a great military force in America naturally, and you also have a great spiritual military, the church that needs to become enlisted to pray for our protection during this War along with our government to shield us from future threats and attacks from our enemies. 

 To give you encouragement I have enclosed my book The Unsealing of the Last Things on Biblical Prophecy.  You will notice in the earlier chapters that God communicated with political leaders, and He always had spiritual counsel for them during the time that they had the burden of making major world decisions. 

Yours That His Kingdom Will Come,


Prophet Elijah L. Hill

CC: Presiding Bishop G.E. Patterson, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Paul Crouch

End Time Prophetic World Explosion Ministries, C.O.G.I.C.

October 30, 2001


To the Honorable President of the United States of America

George W. Bush

1600 Pennsylvania  Avenue Northwest

Washington, DC. 20501

RE: A Preventive Strategy for Biological Agents like Anthrax

Dear Mr. President

As I was praying early this morning for the protection of our nation.  The Lord spoke to me concerning our nations fight with Anthrax, and he shared with me about a long-term preventative strategy against different biological agents.  The Lord told me to go out to my car and get the Newsweek Magazine article dated October 8, 2001, its headline was, Biological and Chemical Terror, How Scared Should You be? I had used this magazine a week ago in a sermon to encourage people to not allow fear to govern them for this is not Gods will 2 Timothy 1: 7, St. Luke 21:25,26.  On page 22 of this magazine it outlines the different possible treats of biological, chemical and radioactive threats in detail, most of my knowledge of the effects and causes of Anthrax came from this article.

 The Lord was showing me the different challenges that will be faced by our health departments in the adverse effect of drugs in vaccinating giving of antidotes too senior citizens and infants.  The drug tolerance and drug allergy in America has increase with more of our popular antibiotics like penicillin. The Lord showed me a long-term holistic strategy would be to use natural herbs as a tea that can build an individuals immune system so it can combat different bacteria, viruses, and toxins in the human body.  The Lord confirmed this remedy to me by sharing with me this scripture in II Kings 4: 41, the prophet Elisha stated, But he said, Then bring meal.  And he cast it into the pot; and he said, Pour out for the people, that they may eat.  And there was no harm in the pot. The Lord told me that he knows just what ingredient is needed to create a remedy for Anthrax or any other poison.  He showed me these herbs that would be effective against Anthrax and other biological agents: Garlic with high concentrations- (A Natural Antibiotic like penicillin), Bayberry with low concentrations- Stops bleeding in the lungs, Slippery  Elm with high concentrations-for allergies, Black Walnut with high concentrations- kills most parasites, Myrrh with high concentrations- Its a natural antiseptic,  Mullein with high concentrations-stops hemorrhaging in the lungs.

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Page 2 of 2           To the Honorable President of the United States of America George W. Bush

 This could easily be made into a tea, and just add some pure lemon juice with touch of spearmint.  These amounts could be experimented in any bio-medicinochemistry laboratory to test the effects of their concentrations against Anthrax in the blood stream.

 In the book of Leviticus in the Bible Moses with Gods guidance became the first public health officer as it relates to advocating preventive medicine in the Hebrew religion, and he instituted sound principles for daily living dealing with diet, hygiene and medicine.  Today we are just waking up to the importance of holistic health in our medical professions in the last ten years, and the answer was there in Gods word all the time.  These laws demonstrate and express Gods work in and through the processes he has built into our natural world, and God told me this is where the answer to our present Anthrax dilemma will be.  This will be a much more milder and natural long-term preventative treatment for the sickly, children, and our senior citizens.

Yours That His Kingdom Will Come,


Prophet Elijah L. Hill

CC: Presiding Bishop G.E. Patterson, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Paul Crouch



End Time Ministries

3575 N. Beltline Rd Irving, Texas 75062

November 27, 2002



To the Honorable President of the United States of America

George W. Bush

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest

Washington, DC. 20501

Dear Mr. President

I was sitting in church at the Potters House listening to Bishop T.D. Jakes sermon called Weapons of Mass Destruction, where he talked about how God caused the natural environment to become a weapon in Gods hand of mass destruction.     The Lord began to deal with me concerning our present state of war.

 Oh, Mr. President you have been selected by Almighty God to be his hand piece of influence in this world at this very hour.  God has given you and your administration great strategic positioning militarily and politically at home within you own government, and with the United Nations.

 All this has come about for a reason, but not for the reason that most that surrounds you instinctively may think.  Yes, poise yourself for war that the enemy may feel its pressure, but here lies an opportunity to allow God to work through you to achieve your goals without military might alone.  This battle on terrorism is not your battle to accomplish alone, but Gods (II Chronicles 20:15).  If done His way by acknowledging Him publicly there are several great success that will come out of this not by the hand of military might and war, but by your God given wisdom it will create a win-win situation.

Here is what God revealed to me.  Begin at this point to enlist Gods military army in America the Church World, and theyre religious leaders to call the people to pray and fast to God to give you Gods insight and wisdom for this war on terrorism.  It says in, Proverbs 3:6, in all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

 It will take diplomacy and godly wisdom to deal with the turmoil and friction of the Middle East.  It will not come by war alone, but by positioning yourself as a mediator.  As you did during 911 you were sensitive to the religious issues that surrounds the Middle East

God showed me several things would happen in your favor if you take this course.  He will bless you to achieve several things; win the next election, achieve disarmament of Iraq, come up with new ways to strengthen Americas economy.  Give teachers within the educational system the benefit of being tax-exempt to stir the engines of the American economy, inspire those that teach and others to want to teach and bring stimulus to your vision No child left behind.

There is yet much work to accomplish within your administrative reign, and war is not to be the only theme in order to achieve good success.  This is not to say that the use of force will not take place in the future but that God will allow you to use many ways to achieve strategically your goals in the Middle East.

Dont just let the religious leaders state with their mouth we support you, but place them out front first publicly asking them to pray for Gods direction and will be done.  As king Jehoshaphat placed the Gods people out front, so should you as in 911 enlist and evoke the body of Christ to consult God in prayer and fasting for your wisdom and direction during this hour of crises.  It says in, II Chronicles 20:20b Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established: believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.

I appreciate you allowing your staff to respond back to me with thanks and appreciation for writing you the two letters during 911.  Remember my book I sent you during 911 The Unsealing of the Last Things. how God has historically visited and spoken to great leaders of the world throughout history.  It is my prayers that God guides you, and brings you good success in the days to come.

Yours That His Kingdom Will Come,

Prophet Elijah L. Hill

CC: Bishop T.D. Jakes, Paul Crouch


January 1, 2004


Bishop T.D. Jakes, CEO

T.D. Jakes Ministries

3635 Dan Marton Dr.

Dallas, Texas 75236

Dear Bishop Jakes

It says in the scripture in I Corinthians 14:29, “Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the other (yourself) judge (decide).  The Lord confirms himself by two or three witnesses establishing his divine pattern throughout the Ages.  Even God in all his wisdom allows us as his children to know what he is saying to us, and leaves us with confirmation.   Prophetess Juanita Bynum indirectly prophesied to you last night during the mortgage burning and watchnight service that God will duplicate your spirit through many sons and daughters in the year 2004.  This is similar to what the Lord has revealed to me also in fasting and prayer that your ministry will evolve into a program to authorize impartation of your very spirit.

In November 2003, Bishop Tudor Bismark when he was your guest that Sunday night described you in the spirit within the context of his message as God multiplying or you entering the next dimension.  The Lord had him to describe it that way because when you make a move in The Spirit there will be a shifting globally in the Body of Christ.  It will be as Bishop Bismark described it as if an object dropped in a pond that creates many waves.

By God’s divine design, you have inhaled many disciples now the time has come for you to exhale and birth them out into their own ministry and churches under your spiritual governance.  The Lord God in Genesis exhaled an authorized duplication or impartation of himself within the person of Adam.  Then God sat Adam down after first demonstrating to him his methods of creativity, and by direct application inferred that, “Adam now you duplicate my prophetic utterance and the gift of the word of wisdom by naming the animals.”  Therefore; releasing Adam’s prophetic gifting that God had embodied within Adam’s very image, not that he was God but a perfect vehicle to transfer God’s very essence and manifestation in the earth.  Why, the consistent relevance to the prophetic throughout the Ages look at its establishment by God in Genesis 3:15, and so God released himself the hidden the first prophetic utterance foretelling of the creation of the second Adam.

When God spoke this was it for his present audience Adam, Eve, and the serpent to understand or for God the messenger receive immediate understanding of them.   Sometimes the very essence of the prophetic is shared openly to those that may not understand it or the messenger.  God can and will take the foolish things to demonstrate his power.  True understanding is not to be sought after by messengers of God for only few that break true spiritual code will be able to verify and acknowledge it for it is spiritually discerned.  In the true spirit of divine interpretation with a pure heart laying aside (discriminating motives of predetermined thoughts of who God can or can not use).   We should be able to say as the master did that flesh and blood did not and in reality could not reveal this.  This is why God’s divine order is preordained throughout the scriptures; God through Moses imparted his spirit to the elders.  The Lord God imparted Elijah’s spirit to Elisha, and the Lord Jesus himself could not leave this earth before he breathe (released or exhaled) on them his disciples from his care, and transferred that care into the next dimensional level.

The Lord God in his sovereign will in order that his kingdom will come has given you Bishop Jakes the spirit of preeminence in leadership in creating movements within the Body of Christ under God’s direction.  Bishop Tudor Bismark described it as a wheel within the meddle of a wheel, when you through God’s direction turn then a movement evolves. This is why you will find your next purpose at this time hidden in the suffixes of words written in this letter like the one I just mentioned emit derived from eminence and preeminence.  In Websters Dictionary it means to discharge, give off, give out, let out, loose, pass (off) pour out.  Also, exhale which means to breathe out, to emit air or vapor, to be given off or emitted.  To blow forth or breathe out.  You have been breathing out as God to Adam live giving word to your sons and daughters, and you have been forming them as God did with Adam or as Jesus did with his disciples.  Now the third dimension will be to set up gardens for God all over the world to nurture and develop the Body of Christ.  

I see the divine apostolic order of anointing flowing from heaven down to your head on to your beard, and down your priestly royal garments.   This is what Bishop Tudor Bismark indirectly prophesied to you in that Sunday night service in November.   As a Paul who organizes and set-up churches sending out his Timonthys trained and authorized to duplicate your genetic spiritual footprint.  The rule of law that for your present house this holy administrative order must be duplicated only will the priest of the house (The Potters House).  Will you authorize and consent to orchestrate like an orchestra conductor the implementation of the blueprint that God has given you the preeminence.  The Potters House was created to mold and now its new dimension is to be molded, so that the “the tailor is being retailered.”

You have now come to the kingdom for such a time as this.  God has now purged you of your debts at home in order for you to be able to move to the next level.  As the Lord gave me to share in our surveys from the members of the church that there are many under you needed to be prepared to be birth-out into their own ministry under your auspices and watch care.   If you assist these churches in being set-up then they should be required to support their father financially that has birth them out into other communities.

The releasing process or code was created by God when he released Adam, Moses, then God told Moses how to release Joshua Numbers 27:15-23, and John the Baptist released Jesus at the point of his baptisms.  Now it is time for those under you who are fat and restless to be released by you, and assisted in setting up other Potters Houses under your auspices throughout the world. This is why you will find your next purpose at this time hidden in the suffixes of words written in this letter like the one I just mentioned emit derived from eminence and preeminence.  In Websters Dictionary it means to discharge, give off, give out, let out, loose, pass (off) pour out.  Also, exhale which means to breathe out, to emit air or vapor, to be given off or emitted.  To blow forth or breathe out.  You have been breathing out as God to Adam live giving word to your sons and daughters, and you have been forming them as God did with Adam or as Jesus did with his disciples.  Now the third dimension will be to set up gardens for God all over the world to nurture and develop the Body of Christ.   

Your beard must be trimmed only to be cut and detached to then bring forth and bud.  It states in John 15:2b, “and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth (prunes) it, that it may bring forth more fruit.”  It will not be easy to let go of some of the individuals within your enter cycle.   Many of them God will separate out or trim from your beard for ministry under your direction and guidance and others within your ministry will have to move closer to you to reform your new inner circle.  The raising of a child is much easier than to later release them into life after much investment.  The eagle must stir her nest in order that they will not be hindered in becoming what they were destined to be.  It states in Genesis 2:7, after God’s breath, “and man became.”  The meaning of become to commence to be, come, come over, grow, go, causes you to move to grow, and related words rise, soar, idioms; get to be; turn out to be.

 The releasing process or code was created by God when he released Adam, Moses, then God told Moses how to release Joshua Numbers 27:15-23, and John the Baptist released Jesus at the point of his baptisms.  Now it is time for those under you who are fat and restless to be released by you, and assisted in setting up other Potters Houses under your auspices throughout the world. 

Prophet Elijah Hill

Bishop’s Circle

T. D. Jakes Ministry Partner

PO Box 181937

Arlington, Texas 76096


Presiding Bishop G.E. Patterson Death Prophet Elijah Hill's Encourages The Church



Prophet Elijah L. Hill

P.O. Box 181937

Arlington, Texas 76096

RE: Words of encouragement surrounding Presiding Bishop's death

To the General Board & the Church at Large

This is one of the most crucial times in the life of the Church of God in Christ.  One of our most dearly beloved battle axes has taken his place amongst our great cloud of witnesses in the person of our Late Presiding Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson.

Zion must steady herself, for God does not make a mistake.  We are where we are because God has ordered our steps.  The Church of God in Christ must demonstrate to the world that we know how to dignify in death one of our most loved and admired gospel preachers in Christianity today.

The world mourns along with us, and they watch our every move how will we behave while we are on Holy Grounds.  During this celebratory time of our founding Father Bishop Charles Harrison Mason we will be celebrating our 100 years of Pentecostalism in America.  The recent death of our Chief Apostle Presiding Bishop G.E. Patterson, one of the steadiest anchors in explaining the simplicity of the Gospel giving concrete foundation to many souls.   

Our late Presiding Bishop G. E. Patterson spoke at a closed door meeting before all the Elders that, "If God uses my sickness to bring this Church back to where it must be, then so be it."  Therefore we are actually standing on Holy Grounds; God was trying to tell us something through one of our most world renowned spiritual leaders of this century.

In the beginning of Bishop Patterson administration, I wrote him a prophetic letter encouraging him in his administration to lead the people back to the Old Land Mark.  He steadied us the Grand Old Church of God in Christ in that direction for the time that God gave him to us.

The Spirit of the Lord was mightily felt during this past 99th Holy Convocation in Memphis, the preaching, teaching, and the brotherly fellowship was reaffirmed within our Great Church.  Lets us not remove the Old Land Mark, and continue to steady war no more.

Bishop William J. Seymour came to visit our 19th Holy Convocation three years before his death in 1919, and it is documented in our minutes, that he prophesied that, "The Church of God in Christ was going to be one of the greatest movements in the world." 

The late His Grace our Chief Apostle Gilbert Earl Patterson is watching us, the late Bishop Charles Harrison Mason is watching us, and all of our great cloud of witnesses are watching us, and finally God is watching us.

The last prayer of Jesus should be our own now for this agamas body that we might be one.  We are truly better together as a spiritual family than we are apart.

Lets demonstrate to the world that we are that great flagship of Pentecostalism.  That we will take off our shoes at this unique moment, and demonstrate to the world that the historic ground that we stand on is Holy Grounds.

Yours That His Kingdom Will Come,


 Prophet Elijah L. Hill

COGIC Scholar & Historian


June 5, 2008


Prophet Elijah L. Hill

COGIC Scholar & Historian

7092 Highland Rd #110

Waterford, MI, 48327


Presiding Bishop

Of the Church of God in Christ

The Most Honorable Bishop Charles Edward Blake

3045 South Crenshaw Blvd

Los Angeles, California 90016


RE: Request a meeting

Dear Chief Executive Officer of the Church of God in Christ Worldwide

I am writing you to express my excitement surrounding your concept and vision to lead the Church of God in Christ beyond the digital divide.  The Lord has given you to us for such a time as this a man of your stature that has a hand on the pulse of the necessity of an administrative vision that will safeguard the financial and spiritual future of the Grand O’Church of God in Christ. 

At the recent Women’s Convention in Kansas City, Missouri, Bishop Macklin shared with us your vision surrounding Bishop Charles Harrison Mason’s Founder’s Day Celebration in September 2008.  The idea of rallying in every state was a great idea, since many pastors don’t participate in the laity gift this will help to infuse excitement about each member supporting the church through their laity support.

 The interactivity with the internet with the history of the church was a great approach to reaching our children because they have already broken the digital divide, and creating interactive methods On-line that will create relevant dialogue for the youth and middle age about our history I was most excited about this part of your vision.

I would like to come out to California to meeting with you to follow-up on our conversation about how you feel my historical resources can enhance your interactive moment in this coming September.  There are several projects that I have been working on that I feel would compliment your administration going into this election year. 

I have developed a polite website ( that I would like to share with you, and get your input on how this could be utilized to compliment and bring to the forefront your technological vision.  It is my desire hear the heart of our leader and collaborate and brainstorm with you to see how the historical resources I have can increase the financial fuel of our great church to push your financial goals over the top by this November Holy Convocation.

I look forward to hearing from you soon to schedule a time.  I can be contacted at the above Address or call at 214-636-7668.  Look forward to hearing from you soon.



Elder Elijah L. Hill

COGIC Scholar & Historian



  1. Fund raising ideas for national church for Bishop Mason’s Celebration using some of my historic photos giving out free for the $20 laity offering.
  2. How could we have the free photo ordered via the internet then the laity payment taken electronically redirected to the national churches merchant account, so that you would not have to wait for the Pastors and Bishop to give their offering?  Maybe set a goal of a minimum of 500, 000 via the internet totaling $10 Million.
  3. Giving the Bishop’s Photo Album to you and the national church to assist you in raising $5 Million by selling the Album from September through November for $50.00 each.  The capitol for the project would come from ads sold to Bishops, Supervisors, Pastors that wanted their photo and biographical history place in the book. We could sell 1000 quarter page ads for $50.00 each; the total would be $50,000 to fund the project.
  4. The website  wanted to discuss utilizing it to facilitate the electronic museum concept, to encourage young people to get involved in our history.  Wanted to discuss the possibilities of raising funds on the site for the national church to support the museum and connecting it to the national website.  One idea was to raising funds via the internet electronically by asking parents to donate $10 for to finish the electronic museum and constructing a museum in Memphis, TN.  The thought is asking for $10.00 the goal from 3,000,000 equaling 3 Million to use for construction of a Museum and operational cost.
  5. Wanted to get your ideas on how these ideas could support your visionary goals to propel your efforts to make the national church more viable by November Holy Convocation 2008.
  6. Discuss how we could use the historic photos I have to make it a national fund raiser for the national church to have individual paying for a photo to be downloaded for a donation to the national church by posting the photos on the website each photos for $20.00 and setting a goal to have 300,000 sold totaling $6 Million the funds to be collected On-line. The funds would be directed or linked to the national churches merchant account surrounding each of these endeavors.



Prophet Elijah L. Hill Prophesied 30 before that Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake Would is the Next Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ.


Prophet Elijah L. Hill Prophesy that Bishop Charles E. Blake will become the next Presiding Bishop Written October 2007

The future of the Church of God in Christ hedges on several historically divinely connected incidents. First if Bishop Charles Harrison Mason had not have made his California trip and spiritual experience then the Church of God in Christ Pentecostal today would not have come into existence in November 1907.  Bishop Charles Harrison Mason had to bring Pentecost back to the south with an anointing that demonstrated God’s favor upon his life. The significance of Memphis to California and California back to Memphis is significant historically in several ways. 

 The Church of God in Christ Holiness had to in God's mind be taken to the next level in 1907 when Bishop Mason went to California to experience his Holy Spirit infilling. It was by divine design that Bishop Charles H. Mason would come back from Los Angeles, California to Memphis in March 1907 with the future direction of the Church of God in Christ Holiness one hundred years ago. It was important that the anointed preacher Bishop Charles Harrison Mason who was now filled with the Holy Spirit should have become the new leader of the Church of God in Christ Holiness.

Bishop Charles Harrison Mason was the one that humbled himself to seek for this greater experience, but C.P. Jones the Chief Apostle realize Bishop Mason had something that he didn’t. Bishop C.P. Jones spoke about and convinced Bishop Mason to go and experience the Holy Spirit Baptism, but would not humble himself to seek for it. Therefore when Mason returned he was a threat to Bishop C.P Jones because he talked a good talk, but was not willing to do as Bishop Mason did humble himself.

Therefore he plot a conspiracy against the Charles God had chosen from Arkansas one hundred years ago, in order to maintain his leadership within the organization.  When people will not and cannot trust God for their future like Bishop C.P. Jones they result to ungodly methods to come to power.  What God has for you it is for you.  You don’t have to fight and plot to destroy your brother because even though Bishop C.P. Jones took this route 100 years ago, yet God’s favor still fell upon the head of God’s Charles from Arkansas.  What he thought would Bishop Charles Harrison Mason only repositioned and pushed him to become the chosen leader of the Church of God in Christ Pentecostal for the next 100 years.

 At the same time ironically by divine design a Bishop Charles Blake from Los Angeles, California (another Charles) just so happens to be the Presiding Bishop 100 Years later coming from Los Angeles with the future vision and direction for the next 100 Years for the Church of God in Christ to go to its next level?  It is significant spiritually that during the Azusa Street 100 year celebration in April 2006 that Bishop Charles Blake of Los Angeles, California is also the Co-Chairman of the Bishop William Seymour Rallies during the one hundred year Azusa Street Revival Celebration. He saw the significance to contend for the acknowledgement and celebration of the black individual who started Azusa (Bishop William J. Seymour), which was different from white Pentecostals that attended in April 2006 last year who celebrated the movement not so much the vessel used to implement and lay the ground work for God's divine will. 

For God does not make a mistake.  One year later while during our 100 year Celebration our Charles from California (Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake) becomes our next Presiding Bishop coincidentally during our one hundred year celebration.  Is it by divine design that our Charles (Bishop Charles Harrison Mason) came back from Los Angeles, California to Memphis, TN showing us a divine pattern that God would retrace his foots step through one of his third generation son’s Bishop Charles E. Blake.

One hundred years later after Azusa Bishop Charles Blake our present Charles contends for the faith of Bishop William J. Seymour by hosting the Seymour Rallies during Azusa's one hundred year celebration, and Bishop Charles Harrison Mason our original Charles one hundred years ago contended for Bishop William J. Seymour’s future Pentecostal faith in the south, and finally makes Memphis, Tennessee the black Pentecostal Mecca of the world.  Was it by accident a Charles was born from Arkansas Bishop Mason, and our present Presiding Bishop born in Arkansas also and named by his parents intentionally and purposefully after our founding Father Bishop Charles Harrison Mason.

 If Charles had not have had a future vision for Memphis, TN, then we would not essentially exist, therefore is not history repeating itself, or is God trying to tell us something. Charles has come back one hundred years later from Los Angeles, California Bishop Charles E. Blake doing what Bishop Charles Mason would have done celebrating the history of the man who Bishop Mason received the Holy Spirit Baptism under.

He was positioned to Celebrate Bishop William J. Seymour’s 100 years and now by divine design Bishop Charles E. Blake has been positioned by God to be in a leadership position to lead the 100 year celebration of our founding Father Bishop Charles Harrison Mason.

The spirit of our Founding Father was historically to have a heart to fellowship and bring other races together within the Pentecostal Movement, and Bishop Charles Blake during the foot washing ceremony in Memphis, TN humbled himself to wash the feet of Bishop Task of the Assemblies of God.  It just so happens that Thomas Task was the General Secretary of the Assembly of God organization, but now he is the Chief Apostle of the Assemble of God organization. Bishop Charles Harrison Mason humbled himself to allow the white ministers to be credentialed under him, and he humbled himself and blessed their movement when it started in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

The Church of God in Christ is in the time of the selection of a new king, but as in the days of Samuel when he went down to anoint the next king. There were many brothers of David that sought to be the one, but the horn of oil can only fall on one leader at a time.  Even the Prophet though this one was the one or that one was the one, but God had control of the anointed oil that Samuel held over each ones head to see what was God’s reply. It is the same today many sons want it, and even it is confusing to the prophets, but the spirit of the prophets has to be subject to the prophets.

Prophet Elijah L. Hill

August 2008


Prophet Elijah L. Hill prophesys About Michael Jackson 's Death

Michael Jackson's Most Important Legacy His Message?


The Victorian Age writer called Thomas Carlyle wrote a master pieced in 1832 called "The Sartor Resartus" in French which translates, "The Taylor is retailored", which deals with a philosopher's spiritual journey of how truth is to be found or discovered. One revealing and insightful statement that Carlyle quotes is that, "the Prophet, the Poet, and the Priest are all messengers."

Michael Jackson fit under the category of the poetic messenger the song writer can speak an eternal and transcending message that can be as strong as the preacher in the pulpit.  Not comparing Michael Jackson to the role of the sacred messenger of the Holy Writ, but saying that within God's sovereignty he is not limited in speaking a message to the world as it reveals in Isaiah 11:6b, that "a little child shall lead them."

Truth is not restricted to our traditional religious and social order it can and will not be confined to just who we think it should come from only our politically correct sources for the creator lets us know he can use whom he will to communicate his message to humanity.

Looking beyond the fame, stardom and personal controversy Michael Jackson's deeper legacy can be a missed hidden truth that some of his songs left written across the minds and hearts of this world was three strong deeply spiritual messages to our world that: 1. All children and their childhoods are important, 2. That the barriers of racial divide should fall, and 3. That healing our world with loving one another is more important than hatred and war.

These three themes are deeply spiritual themes that can be interwoven in the words of Jesus Christ, which states, "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." Love isn't love until you've given it away. It doesn't stop with yourself me my four and no more, but until your love is given to others not necessarily like yourself then the heart of God will be satisfied with the gift of your service to him.

The first of Michael Jackson's three global messages was the importance of children of all races and supporting their childhood. This can only be done by a nurturing love that is truly displayed in a mother and father. Michael Jackson shared his stage, his life, his money and his time devoted to making the life of children wholesome and enjoyable.

He made them feel important one of his greatest examples was demonstrated before all the world at his memorial when an African American male's white 11 year old daughter Paris's tearful farewell describing her father Michael Jackson as a loving and caring parent.  This spoke volumes to a racially conscious society that love is not based upon the color of your skin, but upon the content of ones character.  Michael Jackson's message was that children are important no matter what race or ethnic background he demonstrated it within his own life what Jesus stated, "Suffer the little children to come unto me."

Michael Jackson's second global message was the issue of multiculturalism, which addresses breaking down racial and ethnic barriers demonstrated through his songs, "It Doesn't Matter if Your Black or White.", and "Man in The Mirror."  The spiritual principle of loving your neighbor as yourself runs parallel with the theme in Michael's song Black or White he displays himself in the music video with almost every culture in the world.  The man in the mirror points out that in order to make a change you have to look at yourself first, and then make that change. This was Michael's attempt to challenge and appeal to the social consciousness of the world to rethink our bias and racial prejudices whether we are black or white.

Despite Michael's own challenging and problematic life's journey coupled with stardom and great wealth he doesn't allow his transcending to that level of life to disconnect himself from his God given life's purpose.  He was to be a controversial commentator to the world socially through his ability as a powerful lyricist that could craft and ultimately penetrate socially challenging truths and taboos' through his songs. 

And finally, the third message of great value and legacy was his global message through his songs," Healing The World," "Earth Song" and " We Are The World." by human kind showing love, demonstrating peace and care for one another and our planet instead of hatred and indifference. Michael Jackson was a giver financially he put his money where his mouth was as a great humanitarian for children, the poor, burn victims, and Aids victims.

He started the Heal the world Foundation in 1993 donating well over 100 Million from his Dangerous World Tour of 67 concerts. The result of his co-written song single, "We are the world" for famine-relief efforts in Africa exceed 60 Million.  Michael Jackson gave back to society in a specific way first entertainer to earn more than $100 million in a year to Highest paid entertainer of all time.  He could have done what many African American Millionaires do from our community just give it Uncle Sam instead of setting up a method by which they could strategically and consistently support their communities.

Written by Rev. Elijah L. Hill, Arlington, Texas, The President of the National Presidential Ministerial Alliance and President of The National African American Museum of Religions, , Or or call 817-323-9401 of interviews.


Prophet Elijah L. Hill prophecy To The Church of God in Christ is the Convocation in St. Louis now Become a Convention

The 103rd Holy Convocation the Jerusalem of the Church of God in Christ is it a Convention?

When the chief Apostle of the Church of God in Christ Bishop
Charles Harrison Mason established the Holy Convocation it was to be in the
Hebrew an Owlam [H-5956]-, everlasting, perpetual he set it as stated in Proverbs
22:28 remove not the ancient landmark, which thy father
s have set. The place
of his tomb the Jerusalem of the Church of God in Christ their Holy Ground, it

Proverbs 22:28 Remove [Hebrew is Na-sag [H5253]which means Remove] 1) to move away, backslide, move, go, turn back, a) to backslide, prove recreant to, to displace, move back, to remove, carry away, to remove something or take it away or displace a landmark defined in Deuteronomy 19:14, the bound that has been set by a founder of a clan or ancestor the first chief in the Hebrew the first chief is the Av (which thy fathers have set)] not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.

The Landmark Proverbs 22:18 in the Hebrew is called the Ghev-ul [H1344]-Landmark-Hebrew word border, territory (enclosed within boundary, limit of a field or region) Landmark-An event marking an important stage of development or a turning point in history, and or a building or site that has historical significance, esp. one that is marked for preservation by a municipal or national government.  Deuteronomy 19:14 Thou shalt not remove thy neighbors landmark, which they of old time have set in thine inheritance, which thou shalt inherit in the land that the Lord thy God giveth thee to possess it.

For over a hundred years a OPEN HEAVEN (the Gate of Heaven or the Jacobs Ladder Genesis 28: 12-17 set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven, Genesis 28:12, 17 Sha-nar [H8179]-which means 1) gate (of entrance) public meeting place), city, town, gate (of palace, royal castle, temple, court of tabernacle); in Hebrews as Jacob did [The First Chief Apostle Bishop Charles Harrison Mason a hundred and two years ago established and sanctified it with fasting and pray set it aside along with many thousands of souls that covenanted with him the Church of God in Christ their Great Cloud of Witnesses that have gone on before through the sacrifice of their flesh on the altar of that Holy Ground that place and specified location.  This is why the Jews pilgrimage to Israel to pray before the Wailing Wall it is the place of their fathers that was sanctified set a part where Gods glory revealed itself to this world. 

A Holy Convocation in Hebrew means Mi-ka [H4744]-Convocation a calling together of the assembly to a sacred place (Leviticus 23:21, 24, 26 is something that is to be set apart it is a hallowed event and place) its spiritual symbolism means it becomes a statute for ever repeated throughout generations it becomes to that people their memorial something sacred that the first originators and their forefathers have set. They establish it with their sacrifice of their own flesh on Gods alter of heaven making it a statue an eternal and perpetual Holy place and event before God and heaven.  It was something established before you were born it was here when you got here it is to be here when you are gone to be a memorial a sign throughout all generations because it was hallowed the founder of your people.


January 27, 2012

Written By


Rev. Elijah L. Hill, President of the National

Museum of African American Religions

P.O. Box 181937

Arlington, Texas, 76096



Prophet Elijah L. Hill's Biblical Prophecy of President Barack Obama in the Bible Reelection Second Term

The Watchman’s Wall Biblical Prophecy of President Barack Obama in the Bible Jeremiah 32:12 this verse symbolical and metaphorically is an example the prophet Jeremiah reveals through typology prophesying and declaring the first name of the 44th President of the United States of America (Barack) the Hebrew spelling is Baruch.  Click on this link to read the entire note.  God Bless then share your comments!!!


To The Honorable President of the

United States Barack Obama

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500


Dear Mr. President I wanted to forward to you this correspondence that I wrote relating to your Presidential State of the Union Speech, and how it is historically and biblically in line with God’s timing for your re-election.  Hope it is a blessing to you and it can be shared with anyone you would like for reprinted in any form.  God Bless you on your re-election this year!!! 

Will Congress & Senate Work Together to Rebuild America?

God has always through the annals of time heard the cries of his suffering children.  Who have been disenfranchised many times forced to make bricks without straw?  The voices of the masses versus the ruling few, and the economically privileged versus the economically disadvantaged, and the haves versus the have not’s, therefore is not this an aged old story repeatedly inscribed on the sands of human history?  This paper’s purpose is to reveal that President Barack Obama on January 24, 2011, during his State of the Union Address has fulfilling two legacies one historical and one biblical, and at the conclusion of this letter it will prove that he was the first President of the United States mentioned metaphorically and symbolically by the Prophets of the Old Testament. 

President Barack Obama’s historical legacy starts with America’s Founding Fathers like John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and John Hancock just to name a few.  These men had become the voices of hope for those that had none.   They forged an unbiased and sacred legislation our nation calls it the Declaration of Independence written in 1776.   Its purpose was not just for the economically privileged and the upper class of the Americas, but to retool Great Britain’s tyrannical governmental and social caste system. It was to be a government to uphold the equality and human rights of all human beings regardless of race, color, or creed, Hawke (1961) states their eternally profound words,

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." (Hawke, 1961, p. 10).

In fact, another American embodied this same “True Spirit of America” who, on June 16, 1858 at the Illinois Republican convention almost 2 years before he was elected the sixteen president of the United States in 1860.  This individual was Abraham Lincoln who gave his politically unacceptable and unpopular social consciousness speech to American republicans within his own republican party.  This speech went down in the annals of republican history known as, "Lincoln's House Divided Speech." 

Lincoln’s argument to American republicans was for their party to return back to the philosophical and social integrity surrounding their true and pure commitment as politicians to the letter of the Declaration of Independence of 1776.  Abraham Lincoln’s point was to his republican colleges that they should take a stand for what was equitably and morally right setting aside their party-politic and philosophical biases.  To again marry themselves back to the purity of the original statements of freedom written by their Founding Fathers.  Abraham Lincoln’s point was that this would ultimately embody an accurate political strategy to work together to save their union.

Ironically, Abraham Lincoln goes down in history as having the political courage and fortitude to state these politically unpopular words at the risk of his own political assignation as a republican.   Instead, the opposite resulted his act of political bravery only set the stage for him to win the republican nomination and the presidency of the United States, Raymond, (1864) quotes President Lincoln’s brave words using a quote from the bible to give a spiritual analogy to drive home his point, he stated these words,  

"A house divided against itself cannot stand." I believe this government cannot endure, permanently, half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved; I do not expect the house to fall; but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing, or all the other. Either the opponents of slavery will arrest the further spread of it and place it where the public mind shall rest in the belief that it is in the course of ultimate extinction, or its advocates will push it forward till it shall become alike lawful in all the states, old as well as new, North as well as South." (Raymond, 186, p. 33). 

Throughout the history of this world God has used many great voices as drum majors of social truth to remind America of “The True Spirit of America.”  A third historic case in point took place at the 1963 famous March on Washington.  Strategically, it was too be culminated at the Lincoln Memorial Monument. Why?  Lincoln's presidential administration was symbolic of one of American’s greatest political advocates of social justice consciousness in America's political history.   This was to be the holy and sacred ground of human equality a place most appropriate for Dr. King’s historic speech. 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., chose to give his world renowned social consciousness speech on that scared ground entitled, “I Have a Dream" right on this very historical spot.  Dr King again reaffirmed just as President Abraham Lincoln had done 107 years before.   His speech caused America to remember the words of its sacred obligation forged from the legislation of 1776.  Dr King profoundly provoked “The True Spirit of America” Online King Records Access (2012); he stated these words that very day,

"In a sense we have come to our nation's capital to cash a check. When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir. This note was a promise that all men, yes, black men as well as white men, would be guaranteed the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” (Online King Records Access, 2012).

And the scholar Northhouse (2007) argues from the accuracy of his empirical trait leadership studies. This scholar surmised that our current United States President Barack Obama also possesses this same historic charisma that great leaders possessed throughout world history (Northouse, (2007).  Northhouse (2007) in his book “Leadership Theory and Practice,” describes the leadership character of our current President Barack Obama based upon his scholar research, he acknowledges, “Charismatic leadership has catapulted to the forefront of public attention with the 2008 election of the United States’ first African-American president, Barack Obama, who is charismatic, among many other attributes. (Northhouse, 2007, p.16).

This same charisma and American social and political bravery that the Founding Father’s demonstrated in 1776, that Abraham Lincoln demonstrated in 1858, and that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., demonstrated it in 1963 at the March on Washington.  On January 24, 2012 during the Presidential State of the Union Address when the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama spoke so eloquently in the spirit social consciousness of President Abraham Lincoln the great republican. President Obama fulfilled his historical political legacy.  By the president speaking in “The True Spirit of America” reminding America of its social consciousness that has always been a distinction of all great leaders throughout America's history.   Most of these great leaders were charismatic, and aroused great passion in the American public who appreciate their display great optimism and faith in the American Dream at the times of our nation’s crises.  

When President Obama encouraged our current Congress and Senate to not let our political house in Washington remain divided that this is not “The True Spirit of America” when American citizen need their legislators to represent them by drafting fair legislation.  Taking up the political bravery as Abraham Lincoln did, therefore demonstrating their emotional intelligence to seek for the greater good for all the people of America. 

Here is the statement our President shared during his 2012 State of The Union Address.  He again fulfils this historic legacy demonstrating the courage and political bravery of our Founding Fathers by his passionate plead for equality for all despite legislators’ in Washington’s political ideologies or idiosyncrasies. He sets forth a strategic proposal to put aside party politics as Abraham Lincoln did one hundred and fifty four year before in 1858.  He challenged Washington legislatively to focus on the “big picture” the restoring the American Promise.  The President distinctively understands the original principles of the Founding Fathers. By challenging America’s legislators that the original foundation laid was sure it is what we do with it (By working together across party politics in Washington) to continue to make, “An America Built to Last,”  President Obama echoed in his State of the Union Address these sobering words,

"We can either settle for a country where a shrinking number of people do really well, while a growing number of Americans barely get by.  Or we can restore an economy where everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules.  What’s at stake are not Democratic values or Republican values, but American values.  We have to reclaim them.  Let’s remember how we got here." (President Obama's State of the Union Address, 2012, para.7).

He challenged The United States Congress and Senate as President Abraham Lincoln did at the Republican Convention in the state of Illinois one hundred and fifty four years ago to return back to these principles of legislative unity.    To restore and preserve our economy instead of forging legislation that is based upon our political views, our party views, or our selfish motives for political gain.  At a time when the American people need legislators to renew their commitment protect the good of all the people to forge again fair and unbiased legislation will give everyone a fair shot.

This American legacy and “The True Spirit of America” that the Founding Fathers shed their blood for this quaint essential liberty. That President Abraham Lincoln described so gracefully the critical element of the true meaning of “The True Spirit of America," Lincoln in Novenber 1863 at the famous Gettysburg Address states in Raymond (1864), he wrote these profound words,

“Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure……..The world will little note, nor long remember, what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us, the living, rather to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us, that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion; that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain; that this nation under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”(Raymond, 1864, p. 382).

It is not that The Founding Fathers did not have differences in perspectives amongst themselves relating to things like: different political views, different philosophical views, and different religious ideologies.   They realized that in order to survive their nation’s crisis they were better off working together across party lines to achieve the bigger picture to truly meet the needs of the American people.  Rather than as President Lincoln echoed the words of Jesus Christ charging American republicans not to be a divided House legislatively not really embracing the true meaning of what America truly stood for.

Can we as leaders politically or otherwise truly stand for integrity to the American people by pointing the blame in three years on one President, the former President Bill Clinton balanced America’s budget a democrat, and the next republican president in eight years placed our government in trillions of dollars’ worth debt inherited by our current president using political semantics pointing the finger being unaccountable of their own hand legislatively in America’s deficit. 

Can we be true within ourselves to not acknowledge governmental lack of scrutiny and share no responsibility for the downfall of Wall Street, the Mortgage industry, and the Banking industry that misused and manipulated average American citizens by producing and introducing products and services within these industries that helped created our own economic depression and collapses that we are still feeling the harmful effects of today because of what greed? 

Can we be true within ourselves to falsify the facts to the American public that our Congress and Senate in the past several decades broke the backs of the American job market by rewarding corporations for shipping American jobs oversea, selling our industrial and economic birthrights to other countries giving away our countries wealth that could have been placed in the pockets of everyday Americans? 

The United States President Barack Obama has issued an official challenge stated in his State of the Union Address on January 24, 2012; he reiterated the need legislatively to come together for the good of all to make this house strong again.

As the President/CEO of the National Museum of African American Religions I share the biblical legacy of the 44th President of the United States, and as a religious leader in America and as an American citizen I to agree with what Jesus said in the book of St. Mark 3:25 (King James Version), “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”  So my question is to this nation, "Will Congress & Senate Work Together to Rebuild America?" I leave you with my own personal quote,” Ask not what an African American President can do for you (United States Congress and Senate) but what can you do to progress in building America with him during this historic time.”

Many theologians have always wanted to expose the mentioning of the United States in the Bible especially those that teach on Eschatology, and now here it is the name Barack is first mentioned in the book of Jeremiah 32:12 this verse symbolical and metaphorically is an example the prophet Jeremiah reveals through typology prophesying and declaring the first name of the 44th President of the United States of America (Barack) the Hebrew spelling is Baruch. 

Here are several things to note about the mentioning of Barack in the Bible that is relevant metaphorically---which means a figure of speech in which a term or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable in order to suggest a resemblance, and from a typological symbolism perspective to our current President Barack Obama:

  1. The meaning of his first name, in African Barack means blessings the website, (2012), interprets the meaning of Barack they state, “Regardless of how one spells the name, it gives two possible and not contradictory meanings, and one true meaning. One is "a blessing from God," and another is "a blessing from God that the individual may pass on to others as a benefit to them." (, 2012, para.5), and the meaning of the Hebrew version is Baruch just means “Blessed” the name Jeremiah uses mentions the first name of the President of the United States it is mentioned in the book of Jeremiah over twenty times.   His first name is mentioned first in Chapter 32 within these verses (Jeremiah 32:12-14).  How is he blessed first of all historically he was blessed by God to achieve something that had never been done before in the history of America to become the first African American President of the United State.
  1. The significant biblical and prophetic numerology of this verse that correlates the year 2012 into President Barack Obama’s reelection is revealed symbolically and metaphorically.  For instance, if you take the year 2012 and then add 20 and 12 together you get the number 32 which is the 32 Chapter of Jeremiah where the first United State President’s first name is first mentioned in the Bible as the Hebrew name Baruch which means Barack.  Then if you go to Chapter 32 then go to the 12 verse stands for the year of 2012 the year we live in there you will find the first mention of the first name of the 44th President of the United States.   Look at the verses 12 and 13 where his name is mentioned then notice what is taking place in the verse. The 12th verse stands prophetically for the year we live in study what took place in the background of these verses, it takes which is this year we live in today.  In (KJV) Jeremiah 32:12, it states these words, “And I gave the evidence of the purchase unto Baruch.  The purchase deed in the background verse was Jeremiah the prophet believing that Israel would recapture God’s promise even after going into exile, and God has given the 44th President of the United States if you listen to his State of the Union Address essence of the deed of America’s Fore Father’s social consciousness within his heart to maintain it as Baruch was given the task of maintaining the original authentication of the evidence for Jeremiah' s families inheritance, and so the true heart of our Founding Fathers America's true inheritance has been preserved within the heart of the 44th President of the United States, and it is manifested  in his 2012 Presidential State of the Union Address.
  2. In the 13th verse is symbolic of the year 2013 just as 2012 was symbolic prophetically of the State of the Union Speech where he embodied the true spirit of America.  In Verse 13 of Jeremiah what takes places it states these words, (KJV) Jeremiah 32:13 And I charged Baruch before them, saying, the charge to Baruch (President Obama is his pubic inauguration in 2013).  The charged is an official ceremony in the background scripture that is done public before all the Jews, which is symbolic of the Presidential Inauguration a second time that is done before the public one of America’s most important official ceremonies. In the fourteenth verse it is symbolic prophetically of 2014 note what it states surrounding the 44th President metaphorically it states, (KJV) Jeremiah 32:14 Thus saith the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel; Take these evidences, this evidence of the purchase, both which is sealed, and this evidence which is open; and put them in an earthen vessel, that they may continue many days.  In the book of Jeremiah Baruch was given the deeds which is symbolic of the President’s heart being genuine in embodying the true inheritance (the real evidence) of the Founding Fathers God wanted it to continue for many days meaning he was given the right by God to continue his charge, which is symbolic of his President Barack Obama’s re-election and his administration continuing for four more years.
  3. Jeremiah the Prophet mentions the Hebrew name Baruch or (Barack) 21 times in his book, and in Jeremiah 36 chapter it is mentioned 14 times.  The similarity to our President’s life is the fact that he was tutored by a modern day Jeremiah in his life time Jeremiah Wright, and within the scripture Jeremiah was not allowed to go into the House but Baruck or (Barack) was if you look at what the scripture states surrounding this fact, “And Jeremiah commanded Baruch, saying, I am shut up; I cannot go into the house.”  The act where Jeremiah Wright could not follow his student where he had to go into the house (Prophetically symbolic of The White House)  There had to be a disconnect between the student and the mentor to fulfill God’s plan, and at the presentation of Senator Barack Obama where he gave the speech “A More Perfect Union” is where he separated himself from Jeremiah Wright being God’s will in order to fulfill the prophecy of him becoming the first African American President of the United States in American history.
  4. In the Book of Nehemiah he is the only other prophet in the Bible that mentions the Hebrew derivative of (President Barack Obama’s name) Baruch, and notice what it states, “After him Baruch the son of Zabbai earnestly repaired the other piece, from the turning of the wall unto the door of the house.”  In the chapter and versus Baruch is a part of implementation of the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s walls to restore her glory, and the 44th President of the United States speech was about the rebuilding of America’s economy and the spirit of America’s social justice walls with the January 24, 2012, State of The Union speech, entitled “An America Built to Last” this is prophetically symbolic of the Baruch in the Bible and the modern day Barack’s desire to restore America back to its former glory.  


January 27, 2012


Written By

Rev Elijah L. Hill, MBA, MET, President of

The National Museum of African American Religions


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George Woods, General Supt

Assembly of God

Springfield, Missouri

March 2013

We are approaching the 100-year anniversary of the founding of the Assemblies of God organization in April of 1914.  Your organization has grown to become one of the largest Euro-American Pentecostal organizations in the history of the United States of America. 

The Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center, as institutional archives and holds the largest collection of historically significant Pentecost history in the world.  They conduct their institution in excellence according to the national best practices established by the Society of American Archivists.

It was in April 1914, at the formation of your organization's inception that Chairman E.N. Bell and your founding fathers of the Assemblies of God.  Organized their General Council and extended an invitation to Bishop Charles Harrison Mason founder of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) to speak at your first General Council’s Thursday night service.  

This interfaith and interracial fellowship epitomized the relevant truth of the color line being wash washed away by the blood of the lamb, which existed between Pentecostals at the Azusa Street Revival conducted by Bishop William J. Seymour in 1906. 

In honor of the foresight of your founding fathers one hundred years ago to deem, interracial fellowship and worship an important attribute of American Pentecostals beginnings.   The Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center’s Director Darrin Rogers is under taking to secure this year the Mother Lizzie Robinson / Rev. Elijah L. Hill Church of God in Christ collection yearbooks and photos.  

Mother Lizzie Robinson who lived from (1860-1945), the founder of the Church of God in Christ Women’s Department, served alongside Bishop Charles H. Mason from 1911 to 1945 until her demise she served an important role in the formational decades of the Church of God in Christ.

The Flower Heritage Pentecostal Center and I Rev. Elijah Hill one of the historians and archivists is agreeing to after securing the above-mentioned collection to conduct a dedicatory ceremony and several public awareness campaigns to promote and celebrate this momentous event in Springfield, Missouri. 

The reason I contacted your office at the beginning of our negotiations I would like to propose to you Dr. Woods as Superintendent and your General Council a partnership-collaborative. To enhance public awareness of cultural diversity during your 100-year historically significant event that would enhance the connection and meaning of cultural diversity within your organization this year. That could be a part of a pre-celebration of events leading up to your founding year of 2014.

Here are the four proposed collaborates for your consideration:

  1. I would like to host a Symposium panel discussion at your headquarters with four individuals within your organization who you would select.  They would be interviewed at your headquarters on the topic of “Was cultural diversity and the role of women significant in the spreading of the gospel for 20th Century Pentecostalism and what role does it play for the Assembly of God in the 21st Century?”
  2. To celebrate and honor of the foresight of your founding fathers one hundred years ago to deem, interracial fellowship and worship an important attribute of American Pentecostals beginnings nearly 100 years ago.   To invite me to speak at your annual convention and 10 other churches to heighten awareness of your founding fathers historically significant this 100-year event this year to celebrate the color line being wash washed away by the blood of the lamb that existed between Pentecostals at the Azusa Street Revival conducted by Bishop William J. Seymour in 1906.  To present a presentation of my newly released biography of Bishop Charles Harrison Mason to be present at these events with an opportunity to do book signings.
  1. Presentation on Mason’s book will reveal FBI noting his visit to the White house in 1917 surrounding the conscientious objection principle surrounding First Amendment of the Constitution’s religious freedom of Pentecostals in America religious right not to bear arms in the Selective Service in 1917 in World War I.
  2. The founder of the Church of God in Christ Pre-Civil Rights belief in The First Amendment freedom of Assembly Bishop Mason believing in the freedom to assembly.  He implemented, the “Equal Right to Power rule,” in 1917 where white and black leaders serve in national and local position within his organization.
  3. In 1918, Mason being arrested and tried for treason against the United States even though he had be given permission by Washington, D.C. allow Pentecostal to not bear arms, but God miraculously delivering him by the power of the Holy Spirit to win the case against the FBI.
  4. In 1919, the founder of the Azusa Street Revival Bishop William J. Seymour attending Church of God in Christ national Convention in Memphis, TN, and him admonishing them to contend for the faith originated in 1906, and then finally noting Dr. Martin Luther last speech from the pulpit of Mason Temple in Memphis, TN.
  5. Locate the budget and financial support to identify 20 of your pastors that would allow the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center and me to host a traveling exhibit displaying reproductions of photographs in the Lizzie Robinson / Elijah Hill Collection held at the Flower Heritage Pentecostal Center.
  6. I have written several books on Pentecostalism one on Bishop William J. Seymour a biography, just releasing in the next 60 days a biography on Bishop Charles Harrison Mason, and wrote a biography on Mother Lizzie Robinson who started the women's movement of Church of God in Christ under Bishop C.H. Mason.  I would like to have discussions with your Seminary representatives on developing an On-line course on African American Pentecostals utilizing these books as textbooks. 

It was in April 1914 eight years after the start of the Azusa Street Revival, at the formation of our organization's inception that Chairman E.N. Bell and our founding fathers of the Assemblies of God.  Organized their first General Council and extended an invitation to Bishop Charles Harrison Mason founder of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) to speak at your first General Council’s Thursday night service.  

This interfaith and interracial fellowship epitomized the relevant truth of the color line being wash washed away by the blood of the lamb, which existed between Pentecostals at the Azusa Street Revival conducted by Bishop William J. Seymour in 1906. 


Prophet Elijah L. Hill

Arlington, Texas

September 13, 2013


Bishop Frank O. White

Zion Cathedral COGIC

Prelate Third Ecclesiastical

Jurisdiction Eastern New York

 General Board Member


RE: Request To be on the Agenda of the General Board

Dear Bishop White

As per our telephone conversation a month ago, I spoke with you concerning a request to be on the agenda of the General Board, and you stated that you would share my information with Bishop Winbush for consideration.   I was not able to make the September meeting in Memphis, TN, so I thought it would be better to wait for the Holy Convocation in St. Louis, Missouri of 2013.

My reason for wanting to make a proposal to the General Board will be surrounding four topics that at that meeting, I will have a proposal for all the General Board members in detail, but I will outline the topics of discussion for my request, they are:

  1. Dedicating my 80-100 book historical collection to the future archive and my 500 historic photo collection to your new archive project in Memphis, Tennessee.
  2. Implementing an Encyclopedia to raise funds for the new archive in Memphis, TN.
  3. Submitting the Church of God in Christ for the Nobel Peace Prize for 2014 for Bishop Mason’s Pre-Civil Rights accomplishments that are missing from secure and academic history taken from my new book “The Triumph of The Black Church” if received award over Million dollars.
  4. For the Church of God in Christ organization to submitting you for a lifetime achievement award with the John Templeton Foundation 2014 for his work in Africa, if received award over Million dollars.



Elder Elijah L. Hill




Rev. Elijah L. Hill                                                                                                            Phone: 760-278-3157

P.O. Box 180412                                                                                                      

Arlington, Texas, 76096                                                                                                 website:

October 14, 2013

Removal of Current Congressional Representatives Facilitating Shutdown

It is with great regret and with a heavy heart that I, Rev. Elijah L. Hill as an American citizen felt the need of moral, ethical, and spiritual responsibility to address this topic on behalf of the voiceless, hurt, and violated citizens.  We the Americans people feel victimized by this current government SHUTDOWN.  Some are wondering why you should take a stand when others have not.  My reasoning stands upon two premises my natural pledge of allegiance to these United States of which I committed to all through my education process in America, which Blacks Law Dictionary defines, As the allegiance due from citizens of the United States to their native country, which cannot be renounced without the permission of government (Black, 1979, p. 69). 

My second reasoning comes from a spiritual and biblical foundation that has been in existent for thousands of years as far back as the Old Testament that the 20th Century theologian and philosopher Reinhold Niebuhr coined as Prophetic Tradition.  The prophetic tradition of which, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., quoted Niebuhrs philosophy while in the Birmingham jail, states it is the idea of nonviolent coercion, which involved a religious leader transcends his religious faith and begins to speak to social and political systems for the greater good of the public (Niebuhr, 1932, p. 25).

On June 16, 1858, then President Abraham Lincoln gave a speech that is relevant to the current Shutdown situation in Washington, this speech went down in the annals of republican history known as, "Lincoln's House Divided Speech (Raymond, 1864).  Abraham Lincolns point was to his republican colleges to take a stand for what was moral righteousness, therefore, setting aside their party-politic and philosophical biases for the preservation of Americas Union.

Here today something worse has occurred right under our noses.  A few congressional representative and Senators of the United States have first violated their oath of office against the United States.  Senate Website (2013) which states:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God. 

How did they violate their oath of office? Conspiracy means to: include some act, which is lawful in itself, but becomes unlawful when done by the concerted action of the conspirators.  Our Senators arent currently faithfully discharging their duties to protect the common wealth of America, but are having more allegiance to their partys affiliation.  Exploiting the powers of their high office ... to delay, impede, and obstruct, the prosperity of the United States by subverting our constitutional government through this current government shutdown and not strategizing on balancing our current budget (CRS Report for Congress, 2013, p. CS4).  The evidence is obvious the result of their action 800,000 federal employees furloughed, the Statue of Liberty closed, and museums, military personnel who died their family cannot receive money for their burial, and possible social security checks not sent out next month.

They agreed as servants of these Americas to discharge their duties faithfully, yet they are more faithful to the Tea Party or the GOP then to the financial preservation of our Nation.  They believe in tampering with the financial prosperity and economic stability of America by doing what Blacks Law Dictionary states as negligence- is the omission to do something which a reasonable man, guided by those ordinary considerations which ordinarily regulate humane affairs (Black, 1979, p. 69).  They are being negligence by committing High Crimes to our current governments commonwealth. The federal government is constitutional CRS Report for Congress (2013), defines these as, Offenses against public justice, against the public peace, against public trade, against public health, and against the public police or economy (p. CS4). 

These five categories all broken and violated during this governmental shutdown by congressional leaders not placing Americas best interest over their personal, political affiliations, political domestic terrorism of Americas financial system.  What areas of our common wealth are being violated in order for one party to conspire to seize and shutdown and to financially disable the United States of America.   Where our foreign enemies are laugh at our domestic financial Civil War against our own Nation weakening our Stock Market and insulting Americas reputation before the world. 

This leaves me no choice but to reprimand them as a United States citizen that according to the United States Constitution Article 4, Section 2, levy an indictment for impeachment, based upon their attempt to bring into disgrace, ridicule, contempt, and reproach, the citizens of these United States and our current government.  By violating their oath of office as the CRS Report for Congress (2013), states by impair and destroy the regard and respect of Americas governmental institution holding their political party affiliation is being more important than their allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and the republic for which it stands (p. CS4).

No one party of individuals who sworn as public servants to protect and support the Constitution of the United States of America, should during a time of instability financially of this nation dont do what a reasonable human being should by directly addressing the problems of this country, by flirting with the future prosperity of our nations future.   They swore by oath to have no mental reservation or purpose of evasion, yet this misconduct alleged damage to the United States in such forms as, abuse of official power, neglect of duty, and betrayal of trust (CRS Report for Congress, 2013, p. CS4).  These acts these are incompatible with the proper function of their office and the constitutional wrongs they committed to subvert the structure of our government through this shutdown and not negotiating an effective balanced budget (CRS Report for Congress, 2013, p. CS4). 


CRS Report for Congress (2013). Impeachment Grounds: A  Collection of Selected Materials.  Retrieved October 13, 2013,

Niebuhr, R. (1932). Moral Man and Immoral Society. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons.

Black, H. C., (1979). Blacks Law Dictionary. Fifth Edition, West Publishing Co. St Paul Minnesota.

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